: : : : : : : : Easiest Firefight Game Ever +lots of credits

Halo Reach Tips

Easiest Firefight Game Ever +lots of credits
Pick a firefight map (some players may want one with a plasma turret or a machine turret, ill explain this later). Put all of the settings to the max, in your favor (bottomless clip, max damage taken, max damage dealt, etc), then put all the NPC settings to the max in their favor, and turn on all the skulls. Now, for the loadouts, use whatever weapon combos you like the most. I choose explosive weapons because i like to blow my enemies to bits. Now, if you don't like explosives, its fine because if you are playing on a map with a turret of any kind and your forte is shredding your enemies instead of exploding them, just detach a turret and run around without letting go of fire. Its extremely unfair to your enemies, but hey, payback's a *bleep* and its fun to tank through masses of enemies without taking a single damage point, is it not? I racked up over a million points in several games this way and got tens of thousands of credits for it. Soooo, have fun!