Halo Reach Glitches

Drop your weapons!
this glitch allows you to drop your weapon in game. it only works in forge mode, and you require a turret of any kind and an armor ability of any kind.

you place the turret and pick up the armor ability. grab and rip off the turret. after doing this, walk backwards, press A, melee, and use your armor ability all at the same time.

if it works you should have nothing but your helmets hud on screen (unless you had two weapons. if you did, do the glitch again.)

this can be used for Machinima in Halo Reach. if you want to, you can combine this with the Alert Carry Tip (found in the tips section) and your Spartan/Sangheili(elite) will put their arms down.

if you touch a weapon of any kind on the ground, wall, ceiling or air, your character will automatically pick it up. you have no choice in the matter.

have fun making Machinima!