: : : : : : : : Alert Carry! (put down your weapons)

Halo Reach Tips

Alert Carry! (put down your weapons)
Alert Carry is something that has been put in every halo game so far. there are different ways to use this technique.

Halo 1: just look down. from the third person perspective, you put down your gun, but you're head is looking forward.

Halo 2: down on the D-Pad (or control pad, for those of you who don't know what a D-Pad is)

halo 3 (and ODST): hold LB, RB, A, Left Thumbstick (Crouch), D-pad "down" hold all for 3 seconds.

Halo Reach: this one depends on your weapon configuration. hold reload, grenade switch, zoom/scope, and down on the D-Pad. hold these for 4 seconds, and you will hear a swish/click sound. you may release all of the buttons.

these are methods used for creating Machinima for Youtube. if you don't know what Machinima is, Google it. I don't have the time to explain it (or the ability)

Note: This may only be done online on the later Halo's due to animation glitches.