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Halo 4 review
343 takes off where Bungie left Halo.

The good:

What isn't good about Halo 4? The graphics are incredible, insanely details textures and superb linear designs make for some eye catching scenery. The weapons are well balanced, the player movement and use of new abilities is smooth and gameplay is excellent with well balanced AI.

The bad:

For me, Multiplayer needs a lot of tweaking. The upgrades to armor leave beginners stuck with the basics, while players at a high level will have more superior armor abilities. The Multiplayer side of Halo really needs a ranking system, without it the gameplay remains quite unbalanced.


Leaving off after the events of Halo 3, Master Chief is awoken by a distressed Cortana. Upon waking, Cortana informs Master Chief that the Forward Unto Dawn, the vessel the Chief and Cortana were on, is headed towards a large Shield World known as Requiem. Shortly after being briefed, the ship is boarded by Covenant, and the Chief is re-introduced to the race that Destroyed Reach, and almost Earth.

Halo 4 brings the player to a new world, with new weapons and inhabitants of Requiem. These creatures are called Prometheans strong and intelligent beings, who closely resemble humans.

A basic Promethean Crawler is found crawling down walls, or leaping and bounding around Forerunner structures. Their behavior and movement is reminiscent to a dog. These enemies are equipped with Bolt Shots, either shooting with single shots or charging their shots, and shooting at the player, quickly taking shields down. While they are quickly killed with a headshot, multiple targets make for a challenge.

The other Promethean featured in Halo 4, is the Promethean, which comes in different ranks, Knight, Lancer and Commander. The lesser Prometheans are found with Commanders, the lesser Promethean leads the attack, while the Commander stays it's ground, firing from a distance. These enemies are capable of transporting from fire, making a confrontation quite frustrating.

Accompanying Promethean Knights, are the Promethean Watcher. These enemies fly above the Promethean, providing shielding and fire. One a Promethean Knight has been killed, any Promethean Watchers left will begin to revive the fallen Knights. You must quickly kill the Watchers, or you must kill the Knight again.

These new enemies will prove a new challenge for the Chief and Cortana. As well as new enemies, there are also new weapons that they bring along with them. Among those weapons include:

• Light Rifle; a powerful new weapon, which could be compared to the human Battle Rifle. It is a semi automatic weapon, capable of quickly shooting down shields, and provide accurate fire.

• Bolt Shot; the Promethean version of the Plasma Pistol. It can be a very effective weapon and close and mid range. It can either be used as a semi automatic weapon, or charged to quickly take down shields, and even kill a player in one shot.

• Binary Rifle; a Promethean sniper, this 2 shot rifle can kill a heavily shielded enemy in one shot.

• Scattershot: the Promethean version of the human Shotgun, this weapon is deadly, and is not only devastating at close range, but disintegrates enemies.

Weapons are often found in Weapon Holders, scattered throughout the campaign. These Weapon Holders can contain Forerunner weapons, Covenant or Human weapons, depending on the location. While basic weapons will contain more ammo, ammo can be scarce when ammo is used incorrectly, or shots are hurried, so use ammo wisely. Heavy weapons such as the Rocket Launcher contain less ammo, but are more effective when targeting multiple enemies. So plan you shots, and try to preserve ammo as long as possible.

With these new weapons, you will see the Battle Rifle return, as well as all your favorite weapons. Also, the Pistol makes a triumphant return, this time round, it is a powerful weapon.

Along the way, the Chief must fight his way through Requiem, and along the way he will come across a new enemy, one that has it's sight on something, Us.

343 Industries has large shoes to fill after Bungie's success, but they have definitely made up for it and more with Halo 4. I recommend you buy this game, it is a great addition to the Halo series.

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