Halo 4 review
Halo 4: the bland but beautiful

The good:

Stunning graphics both in game and in cut scenes. They really got the most out of what the Xbox 360 can handle.
Story has interesting moments
Game sticks with it's main formula while adding subtle pieces to make it feel fresh.

The bad:

Weapons are useless
Short campaign
Very forgettable
Quick time events that have no consequences
Online overall and DLC maps that are the same as before


Video review

Note: The video that is used was recorded by me, I did not take any footage or use anything that was not mine. Alpha Kit is my YouTube channel only, it is not a separate company so all credits are of my own.

Writing this review of Halo 4 I started thinking of all the fan hate I'd end up receiving but in the end I thought "*bleep* it, I'm disappointed." As this review will now tell.

Not being overly fond of the franchise anyway this game didn't help sway my opinion, though I have given it a fair try by playing Halo 3, ODST and a little bit of Reach too, my thoughts of them were that 3 was pretty decent but forgettable with the story, ODST was pretty much nothing to do with anything but was fun for the co-op and I guess the same can be said for Reach but I was interested in the origin story that bought to the table.
So here we are now playing as Master Chief apparently continuing on from Halo 3, where as I remembered it from what was from the sea of bland the Arbiter got a medal for something and Master Cheif disappeared (maybe he did a heroic death and didn't die - need to check up on this)

I want to go into what the story was for this but every time I try to remember what I played through even though it was only a week or so ago I draw a blank every time. From bits that stood out Cortana has gone bat shit crazy though she's not a main bad guy like the trailers made out to be, very misleading. The game is very short for what is expected of it, doing a run on the hardest difficulty took between 8 and 9 hours on a small team where we died a lot.... And the team bit I'll get to later.

It's a good first person shooter but not at the same time, it's very similar to Halo 3 with the HUD display and the enemy types but the weapons feel pathetic, I can unload 2 full clips into enemies sometimes and they still don't die and I'm not referring to the big ass brute things either. The new weapons which are forced upon you for certain missions are horrible to use, the only decent gun from the new black and orange floaty roundy formy guns is the shotgun which of course is a short ranged weapon so still useless unless up close.

The goals always seem to be "shit's gone wrong here, go fix/capture/press X to trigger next bit, return to first part, press X to go through door" which can be very repetitive and can cause you to not take a look and see how great the game looks, instead you just go "oh for *bleep* sake, how many more enemies will spawn here." and "Damn it, I've done the same bit 3 times but on different sides of the map and it's still not over yet!" I wanted to enjoy the game but I found myself not enjoying the objectives whatsoever.

Oh by the way there's Quick Time Events. FUUUUUUUU!!!!!
Nothing much, they're a little like the QTE's of Battlefield 3 where you press X to do a thing, move forwards then press another thing before it kills you. Hell, without meaning to ruin it on the co-op run at least the last boss was a QTE and being honest with you here, I fell asleep playing the game and woke up to hear my friends screaming down the headset that the boss was happening and I was in charge of controlling it.

The levels are laid out neatly and the graphics are phenomenal, especially in the cut scenes where they can often be mistaken for live action video, the sounds flow perfectly and the game never missed a beat in terms of glitches and freezing but my main complaint lies in the gameplay.
One thing to me which is either the love or hate point is the co-op campaign. It's just the main campaign but you can have 4 Master Chiefs running around, it would be better if for example the host was Master Chief and the others were like the ODST team representing the colours they change to in the lobby menu, the 4 Master Chiefs took me out of it and made me not appreciate the game so much.

The ending of the game is disappointing as I mentioned a QTE last boss fight which is followed by a cut scene that hints at a sequel as well as ties up some ends for this game, though depending on how engaged you feel playing it will affect your judgement of the last part where when I finished it, even though I was about dead from exhaustion I said "Really! That was the end of the game, we've only played for 3 sessions!" Very short but not so sweat is how I would sum it up.

There are alternative modes such as Spartan Ops which is like doing the ODST game and a comparison to the co-operative mode of Battlefield 3 seems a little appropriate too, nothing really getting my attention on that with exception to leveling up on it and I don't see the point in that as the multiplayer is pretty lame. It's the same as the old games and even samer was the first map I went on was a map from Halo 3 and all the DLC seems to be maps from past Halos as well, why not make some new *bleep*ing maps rather than using the same old shit.
I really don't care for multiplayer anyway but when it feels lazy and charging money for shit we had on the previous games I can't see any justification in that.

Summary: Halo 4 is fine but nothing special, I'm sure when I do my impossible mode run on single player I may enjoy it more but the game is very short and not very remember-able except the guns are like throwing banana peels at the enemies but the graphics are awesome.


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