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343 takes off where Bungie left Halo.

The good:

What isn't good about Halo 4? The graphics are incredible, insanely details textures and superb linear designs make for some eye catching scenery. The weapons are well balanced, the player movement and use of new abilities is smooth and gameplay is excellent with well balanced AI.

The bad:

For me, Multiplayer needs a lot of tweaking. The upgrades to armor leave beginners stuck with the basics, while players at a high level will have more superior armor abilities. The Multiplayer side of Halo really needs a ranking system, without it the gameplay remains quite unbalanced.


Leaving off after the events of Halo 3, Master Chief is awoken by a distressed Cortana. Upon waking, Cortana informs Master Chief that the Forward Unto Dawn, the vessel the Chief and Cortana were on, is headed towards a large Shield World known as Requiem. Shortly after being briefed, the ship is boarded by Covenant, and the Chief is re-introduced to the race that Destroyed Reach, and almost Earth.

Halo 4 brings the player to a new world, with new weapons and inhabitants of Requiem. These creatures are called Prometheans strong and intelligent beings, who closely resemble humans.

A basic Pro...


Halo 4: the bland but beautiful

The good:

Stunning graphics both in game and in cut scenes. They really got the most out of what the Xbox 360 can handle.
Story has interesting moments
Game sticks with it's main formula while adding subtle pieces to make it feel fresh.

The bad:

Weapons are useless
Short campaign
Very forgettable
Quick time events that have no consequences
Online overall and DLC maps that are the same as before


Video review

Note: The video that is used was recorded by me, I did not take any footage or use anything that was not mine. Alpha Kit is my YouTube channel only, it is not a separate company so all credits are of my own.

Writing this review of Halo 4 I started thinking of all the fan hate I'd end up receiving but in the end I thought "*bleep* it, I'm disappointed." As this review will now tell.

Not being overly fond of the franchise anyway this game didn't help sway my opinion, though I have given it a fair try by playing Halo 3, ODST and a little bit of Reach too, my thoughts of them were tha...

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