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Halo 3, fond memories but nothing more.


After a couple of years wondering what kind of hurt Master Chief was going to lay on the Covenant brazen enough to remain on Earth, “Halo 3” finally exploded into the market. Yes, I was one of those “weird” guys waiting in a line of 50 or so other “weird” guys at 11:30pm in Wal-Mart, one of them was even playing a harmonica; all of us watching the clock tick a bit closer to midnight while we waited to blast our real experience away with the virtual. I still had to drive 45 minutes back home to finally see how the trilogy was to end. In those first few punch-drunk hours of gameplay, while I ...


Halo 3

The good:

I liked that they added the forge. I mean playing the level preset is okay, but being able to create your omn level, now that's tight.

The graphics. Don't get me started, these graphics are the best yet. I mean better then Halo 3: ODST. All I know is Bungie probably spent a lot of time working on the graphics.

I liked how the Master Chief's armor had battle damage all over. Once again that must have been hard inserting all that design to the armor.

I liked the idea that you could earn different types of armor for forge and custom games. My favorite is the Security armor was the best out of all of them.

I liked the new vehicles also. The hornets were the best because honestly the hornet is a lot stronger than a stupid banshee. The Mongooses were okay but not my favorite.

The different types of brute. The fact that in Halo 2 they didn't have it was stupid. The Brute chieftains are my favorite, especially in groups because it gives me somewhat of a challenge considering all the other types of brutes are really easy to kill.

The fact that odst's are still used in this game .

The bad:

I didn't like that they killed off most of the main characters and that they ended it jusst like that, but hey they'll come up with some twist that puts humankind in danger by the Covanant again.

In my opinion there isn't a lot of bad in this game considering Bungie spent a whole two damn years making this awesome game.


The weapons. They were the bomb. I loved the fact thaat i can laser the living shit out of all these jack asses when you actually get a spartan laser in the campaign, which is like twice seems how it's such a awesome weapon.

I loved that the Arbiter was on your side along with the other kick-ass elites. Out of the elites or brutes I would definitely pick the elites with no hesitation, and I loved the fact that the elites small fleet knocks the shit out of Truth's big fleet and that just goes to show that the brutes are about the biggest ass wipes in the covenant and that they're big ass wuss...


Average joe sci-fi shooter.


A first person shooter; a lot of hype; 10/10's right up the ass; rent-worthy campaign length... Is this what you would imagine in a "game of the year" competitor? To be frank, yes, it is. Halo 3 is a first person shooter which gets a lot of high scores from paid reviewers, even though when you actually get around to playing the game, it's...playable. Yes folks, Halo 3 isn't a total shitsucker, but it's not as good as what's been said. The campaign is fairly inconsistent as I either fall asleep or really get into the action, and the multiplayer, while far from perfect, is pretty fun to play,...


Halo's Latest Installment

The good:

-Good Graphics
-Armor Customization
-Great Online Mode
-Lots of different types of games to play Online; Slayer, Capture the Flag, etc.
-Plenty of Maps to play on
-More New Weapons (And plenty weapons in all)
-Lots of "Extras" like the 13 skulls, etc.
-Campaign Mode
-Co-Op Campaign Mode

The bad:

-Co-Op Mode ends when one person leaves the game, regardless to if they are hosting or not, and everyone is forced to start back at the lobby.
-Story is difficult to follow if you haven't played the first 2 games.


Ah, Halo. Halo has been around since 2001. Halo was the first game, and it became incredibly popular. Since then, they've made Halo 2, which had new maps, guns, and other features. You can bet the Halo Fanboys were happy about that. Well I'm not one myself, but this game, Halo 3, was pretty impressive. It was released a while back and there's talk of a 4th one. But for now, we'll focus on Halo 3. So here we go.

Graphics 10/10

Alright, so there's a few faulty graphics here and there, but truly, all in all, they really don't disipoint. Halo started off with quite a few random bugs and glitches....


Overrated, But Still A Good Game

The good:

  • Campaign
  • Online Experience
  • Bungie updating the game
  • Forge Mode (Map Editing)

    The bad:

  • Graphics are not necessarily bad; just not amazing
  • Online matchups
  • Online Lag


    First off, I just want to say this was my first Halo game I really played. I never play Halo: CE and played like two levels of Halo 2 Campaign and about 10 online games so I am in no way a biased fan boy.

    Campaign - 9.0

    Campaign is full of awesomness; especially co-op. Nine super cool levels with an interesting story. I personally played through the campaign once by myself on Normal Difficulty and had a blast. I then did it co-op with friends on Legendary and had even more of a blast. Halo is just one of those games where you will have a ton of laughs with friends. Again, we ran through it to...

  • 9.0

    PuMan's Halo 3 Review

    The good:

    Excellent Graphics
    Background story heavily expanded
    Great Multiplayer
    Large amount of new features from armor permutations to forge and theater modes.

    The bad:

    Doesn't have the same feeling as the first
    Creating custom gametypes is a bit trickier
    Menus seem too expansive and detailed


    I can't review the third game in the series without first saying something about the first two. It's just not right

    Firstly, I'm a massive Halo: CE fan. This may make me biased, but oh well. It's very hard to remain unbiased when reviewing such massively popular games as these.
    That being said, I didn't like Halo 2 nearly as much as others do. I still feel that it brought a lot to the table, but I was left wanting.
    Anyway, onto Halo 3

    Single Player
    Personally, I'm more of a guy that likes very well put together single player campaign, than a purely multiplayer experience. I originally got into ...

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