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Halo 3: ODST review
Halo ODST shows off Bungie's bravado.

The good:

Halo ODST allows you to see the side of the Orbital Dropship Troopers you had no idea about. With a new stance of HUD, player health and weapons, this is a must if you wish to understand the events that occurred in Halo 2.

The bad:

For most players, the campaign just won't seem to last long enough. With the exception of Legendary, the campaign can be quickly beaten within a small amount of time.


Continuing the events of Halo 2, Halo ODST will bring you back to the streets of New Mombasa, as well as areas you've never seen before. After the Covenant invasion of Earth, the UNSC deploys is Helljumpers to New Mombasa. The Helljumpers are a dedicated team of reconnaissance marines, trained for missions regular marines wouldn't dare to do. The Helljumpers earned such a nickname, by being deployed from space in Drop Pods, a mission that can prove to be their last. A large slipspace rupture occurs just outside of the city, scattering the team to various spots of the city. The protagonist, also known as Rookie, must locate the rest of his team, some members of the team include

• Buck; the charmer. Often quick to joke, this trooper is not to be taken lightly. To his teammates, he is a strong leader, and is known as the best of the best.

• Dutch; heavy weapons specialist, an an important asset to the Helljumpers. Although he is quite skilled, he often leads himself into insurmountable odds.

• Rookie; the protagonist of the story, the player must help Rookie in locating his team. Being a new recruit, the Rookie must learn quickly to be a Helljumper.

Halo ODST allows the player to experience the darker side of New Mombasa, as well as learning more about the Helljumpers. Throughout the game, you will experience great gameplay, new features such as night vision, audio logs, accessibility to the cities hidden areas and vehicles in previous games. The game boasts large areas, filled with skyscrapers, underground facilities and super highways. The graphics have been further refined since Halo 3, but the gameplay will remain similar. As before, the game features difficulties, which cater for the new player to the experienced Halo veteran.

As Halo 2 introduced Brutes, these brutal enemies make a return to Halo ODST, as the fearless leaders of the Covenant. Brutes can be found leading groups of grunts or jackals. Ranging from a basic Brute Minor, to the Brute Chieftain, the roles of the Brute have changed. A Brute Minor may prefer to travel with another Brute, before attacking an enemy behind cover, whereas a Brute Chieftain, would be the first to lead the attack.

Grunts and Jackals are dangerous in packs or when lead by Brutes, but when alone, they tend to cower and run away, making them easy to kill.

As you progress, you will come across Covenant encampments, filled with groups of Brutes, Grunts and Jackals. Be careful, however, as running into a huge firefight may not be the best idea, as Jackals are often stationed in high buildings, armed with Sniper Rifles. On Harder difficulties, Snipers will quickly overwhelm a player.

While you are getting to learn more about the level, players can use a map, which not only shows the player where the objective is, but it also shows the whereabouts of weapon caches, which are unlocked throughout the campaign. They contain heavy weapons, as well as vehicles.

Weapons included are similar to those you would have seen in Halo 3. The HUD (heads up display) shows the ammo available, health bar and grenades. Some weapons have different or multiple uses, but are easy for new players to get used to. Some of the weapons available include:

• Silenced Sub Machine Gun; similar to the SMG you find in Halo 3, this weapon comes with a silencer attachment, with provides not only more accurate fire, but sounds is also muzzled.

• Pistol; the pistol makes a return to Halo ODST. Easy to use, the pistol has been changed since Halo 3, making it more accurate and useful against smaller infantry like Grunts and Jackals.

• Sniper Rifle; the Sniper Rifle is an effective weapon, and will prove useful against armored enemies, as well as heavy vehicles.

• Rocket Launcher; the SPNKR Rocket Launcher is a fan favorite, and is found throughout the game. When Used sparingly, multiple enemies can be killed at once.

• Gun Turret; turrets are usually mounted on stands, and found in fortified friendly areas. It can be very useful when you have encountered a series of enemies.

Ammo can be found throughout the game, either stocked in weapon trays, beside dead marines or after a player unlocks weapon caches.

With another flawless soundtrack brought to you by Marty O'Donnell, the often Eire but beautiful city is brought to life, from the slow melodic music when the player explores the battered city, to the epic battles the player will find themselves in. Marty's genius really shines in Halo ODST.

Halo ODST also brings a new gametype, Firefight. This gametype pits the player against a seemingly endless amount of enemies, which increase in difficulty and rank. The game introduced enemies, ranging from low rank early on, to the highest ranked Brute Chieftains. The player will need to use their skills alone, or co-op with a friend.

If you are a fan of the Halo series, this game is one that you will have to add to the list. By far one of my favorite, if not favorite games of the series. You need to check this game out if you haven't already!

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