Halo 2 review
Doesn't live up to the hype

The good:

Amazing graphics, solid storyline (if you read the books and played the first Halo), smarter AI, and better overall gameplay

The bad:

No health indicator, abrupt ending, no special upgrades, only two new vehicles.


Halo 2, despite its few flaws, is still the best game for Xbox right now. It continues off of the first Halo storyline, with the returning cast of Master Chief, Cortana, 343 Guilty Spark, Sgt. Johnson. New characters, especially the Arbiter, and a whole new twist to the game. Graphics are incredible, while loading screens aren't long at all. The campaign mode is fun and more difficult that the previous campaign. However, when you go Live or system link, that is when all the fun begins. I like how they remade Blood Gulch and Battle Creek, and also managed to make some new levels that are bound to become classics. The only dissapointment that I can think of is how Halo2 wsa described last year, and how it actually turned out. Some features were missing, including sprinting, more vehicles, and other SPARTANS. Overall, this game is a great game, and I suggest getting the Collector's Edition. IT is worth it.

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