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Valves does it again! Half-Life 2 has a huge potential to become #1 game of the year. Although it has competition against Halo 2, PC Fans and XBox fans are going to have a long battle till the final judgement day comes.

Graphics: 10/10

Literally beautiful. If you wanted to walking into a sci-fi world, this is exactly where to want to look. The water is what everyone is talking about. It really does look amazing. You can literally drop a watermelon into water and see it dive inside and float it's way back up. The game it self is visually satisfying. You find yourself once looking into HL2 and being mesmerized by the incredible detail. With this new engine, you can literally see the wrinkle on a character's face when they are angry. It is ridiculous to the amount of detail put into their facial reactions.

Sound: 9/10

If you have a surround sound speaker system. You will definitely experience something out of the ordinary. Although the music isn't excellent, it captures you into the game. I think they lacked the fact to put in some classical music. But the overall sound for guns, enemies, and characters is astonishing.

Acting: 10/10

The acting is so real. It really captures the player into the game and make the the player feel like he/she is Gordan Freeman. Even better, the mouth movement is greater than any game that has been released. Just think about all the side clip movies you see in games such as Prince of Persia, Halo 2, etc. and how the characters move their mouths exactly to what they are saying... This is exactly what happens in HL2 in game-play!

Game-Play: 9/10

In HL2, you are constantly entertained. Whether is a headcrab leaping at you or a combine shooting you down. There are countless moments where you just jump because of a scare. The game overall proves itself to be one of the #1 pc games of all time. It puts a standard to how all first person shooters games should be from now on. But it does lack one necessity, you don't have the ability to freely roam around and choose another direction. In HL2, there is really only one way to go to and there's no other way around it. Unless your using "noclip" you basically have to follow the same grounds if you were to play this game again.

Replay Value: 8/10

The game itself is incredibly fun but as far as replay value goes, the game does not provide much value to earning another goal or receiving some special ending. It's just the same game over again except that when you play it again, you know where all the scary scenes are and you know where to find the exit and find your way out of the battles.

Multi-player Aspects: 5/10

Half-Life 2 does not provide any multi-player supplement besides Counter-Strike: Source. Although CS:Source is a fun game, the graphics implied in HL2 cannot be compared to what you see in CS:Source. It would have been great to see a multi-player addition to the single-player. Many fans are satisfied with the outcome of HL2 but at the same time, many of them are disappointed with the fact the HL2 itself does not have a multi-player aspect.

Overall: 8.5/10

On the score I have a 9 because you cannot put down fractions. But to round 8.5 would be a 9. This game is truly amazing. If you still can't decide whether to buy off steam or getting the retail version. I would really recommend everyone getting it off steam because of the extra games you receive such as HL:Source, Condition Zero, and countless other games.

I believe this game would easily have earned a 9.5 or even a 10 if there had just been a multi-player aspect.

If your looking for a fast paced first person shooter, this is the game you are looking forward to buying. I cannot stress enough how amazing this game is. After the game is finished it just leaves you with the feeling of wanting more. Whether it's playing it again or just talking about it over forums and with your friends. It is worth buying and has truly become a classic game to show your kids and then on.

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