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Being realistic & unrealistic nearly all the time, at the same time, helps make CS as addictive as Ginger Snaps.

The good:

You might find CS so addictive, you might wanna spend the rest of your mortal days challenging other hopefulls. Which, in this case is better than good.

Being so old now, you'd expect players to be tired of the game being tired, but it isn't.

The sound is great too, playing with headphones, and volume at full blast, may make your ears pop. The gunfire, the moans and groans of the dead, and general water-splashing and ladder tapping is still impressive for a 5-6 year old modification.

Oh yeah, the thousands of servers are just phenomanal, really.

The bad:

The graphics are sub-par, but what do you expect for an old MOD? You can't have it all. This is the Space Invaders of modificitions.
Despite that, the guns are modelled nicely, but the blood looks like big chunks of frozen Tomato Ketchup flying through the air...

Another shame is, there are constantly new updates, which, with a 56k modem, (or below) these will be a nightmare to download. But, you can get them off your local PC magazine; "That'll be £6 please." Sheesh.

Aah, Hackers! Cheaters! If you are expecting to have a great game Online, be sure to choose a decent server, please, don't blame me. Every review here should say that, so come on, all of us against you, believe the synpes.


The gamplay is so old-fashioned, to this day it seems rather comical, but it's not a game for retro-nostilga freaks.

Every Tuesday after School finishes, me and my chums go to our School's little Games Club, to shoot eachother other LAN, which is the best way.
(We also have a shop downtown called Ego, where we pay-to-play, most Saturdays..Hey, that rhymes!)

As cheap as a Chinese Leather Jacket, this is a must if you have a High-Connection Speed, and have the latest version.

See what I did there?

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