Counter-Strike Half-Life: Weapons Guide
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Counter-Strike Half-Life: Weapons Guide

by Guezz whoez back   Updated on
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A Counter-Strike weapon guide presented by Guezz whoez back

Introduction and Copyright Information
	HK USP - details
	Glock 18 - details
	IMI Desert Eagle - details
	Sig P228 - details
	Beretta 96G Elite - details
	Five-Seven - details

	Benelli M3 Super 90 - details
	Benelli XM1014 (M4S90) - details

SMG's: 	Mp5Navy - details
	Steyr TMP - details
	P90 - details
	Mac10 - details
	Hk UMP 45 - details

Rifles: 	Ak-47 - details
	Sig 552 Commando - details
	Colt M4A1 Carbine - details
	Steyr AUG - details
	Steyr Scout - details
	Artic Warfare Magnum - details
	G3SG/1 - details
	Sig 550 - details

Machine Gun:
	PARA - details

	He Nades - details
	Flashbangs - details
	Smoke Nades - details


Welcome to the Individual Weapon details guide; here you will find
details/tactics/Information you need to know about every single gun in the
Counter-Strike Arsenal. This walkthrough will be helpful for beginners and for
some experienced players of Counter-Strike.


This FAQ is owned by Guezz whoez back (me). I have really worked hard on the
FAQ. So please don't just Copy & Paste this on to your own website. This is my
work and I should be given all the credit. 


Name: HK USP
Cost: $500
Ammo: .45 ACP - 12 rounds per clip - 48 rounds total
Secondary: Silencer
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Counter-Terrorists

Details: You start of this weapon if you are in the Counter Terrorist side. It
is known to be the 2nd best overall Handgun. With Its accuracy, quietness and
reloading speed the USP has attracted many Counter-Strike players. Its Fast
firing rate has also surprised many people. Another point taken into
consideration should be its cost; It's the 2nd cheapest pistol with all its

Tips: Headshots, and don't silence it for fun, Silencing reduces the power a

Name: Glock18
Cost: $400
Ammo: 9mm - 20 rounds per clip - 100 reserved for later
Secondary: 3-Shotburst fire
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Terrorists

Details: Although it has a quite big clip size and the fastest reloading speed
amongst all the other handguns, the Glock still remains unpopular. Not many
people use it, the main reason of that lies in its FirePower. The damage it does
is quite low and It is highly possible if you are playing with one of these that
you may not get kills.

Tips: Headshots, take full advantage of the big clip.

Name: IMI Desert Eagle
Cost: $650
Ammo: .50 - 7 in weapon - 35 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close - Far
Availability: Both sides.

Details: The Accuracy of the Desert Eagle is its only disadvantage. It is known
as the deadliest amongst all of the Pistols. With its high firepower it has
gained a lot of popularity. Most people feel as If this is the only pistol that
can face the threats of Rifles and SMG's. If the Desert Eagle is used correctly
with 3 shot bursts the Accuracy remains as an advantage, For all the beginners,
I wouldn't recommend this handgun but if you learn to use it with bursts, It may
become your new best friend. ^_^

Tips: Don't just keep shooting since their are only 7 bullets then a reload. Be
wise bursts and headshots should do the job.

Name: SigP228
Cost: $600
Ammo: .357 - 13 rounds per clip - 52 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Both sides

Details: Not a lot of people buy this gun, the reason of that is its firing rate
can be slow, so most people would go and buy a USP or a Deagle instead of this
gun. Another reason is that it is more expensive than the USP, which is far
better than this gun by every way.

Tips: None.

Name: Beretta 96G Elite
Cost: $1,000
Ammo: 9mm - 30 rounds per clip - 120 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Terrorists

Details: With its Really, really slow reloading speed the Berreta has fired
another weakness in it's profile. The damage this gun does is not impressive at
all. The weakest point apart from its reloading speed is its cost of $1000. I
mean just look at the USP and Deagle they are like Half the cost of this weapon
and far better than it in every way. If I were you I won't even look forward at
buying one of these.

Tips: You guys want a really good tip for this pistol? Don't buy it! That's
going to help a lot.

Name: Five-Seven
Cost: $750
Ammo: 5.7mm - 20 rounds per clip - 100 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Counter-Terrorists

Details: The Five-Seven has one of the best Accuracy. Its 20 round clip and
decent firing rate can also be an advantage. However the Negatives start to rise
as the pistol can do very less damage. It also has quite high cost compared to
the other pistols.

Tips: Since the damage is low and the Accuracy is high, always go for headshots
since this would increase the Damage.


Name: Benelli M3 Super 90
Cost: $1,700
Ammo: 12 gauge - 8 rounds per clip - 32 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Both sides

Details: Like the other shotgun in the Counter-Strike Arsenal this 'pump' action
shotgun can be a One-shot killer too. Keep in mind it is only good at close
range. At far rage you won't be able to kill an enemy no matter how hard you
try. . The M3 shotgun has a really slow firing rate and reloading speed. If you
fire and miss an enemy than you can guarantee yourself killed.

Tips: Use only at close range and aim accurately.

Name: Benelli XM1014
Cost: $3000
Ammo: 12 gauge - 7 in weapon - 32 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Both sides

Detail: Unlike the other shotgun this one is an 'auto'. It fires much faster
than the pump action shotgun (M3), which is the reason why it is much more
expensive than it. The Beneli XM1014 is a One-Shot killer but also remember what
I told you that Shotguns are only effective at close range. At far range only
2/15 shots would hit the enemy doing very less damage.

Tips: Use only at close range.


Name: MP5 Navy
Cost: $1,500
Ammo: 9mm - 30 rounds per clip - 120 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close - medium
Availability: Both sides

Detail: The most popular Sub Machine Gun is the Mp5Navy. With a quite fast
firing rate and fast reloading speed with decent damaging power this weapon has
proved it self to be one of the best. Its accuracy is also unimaginable for a
fast firing SMG. Its cheap price has also shocked quite a lot of people compared
to its abilities. The only disadvantage this weapon has is its inability to
shoot targets at far-range. If it was a far range weapon too, It would have
taken the game being the most deadly of all.

Tips: Try not to go for enemies far away since the MP5 Navy wasn't made for

Name: Steyr TMP
Cost: $1250
Ammo: 9mm - 30 rounds per clip - 120 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Counter Terrorists

Details: The Steyr TMP is the probably the worst SMG overall. Although it has a
fast firing rate, fast reloading speed and is also damn quiet the damage it does
to an enemy is really not worth it. Not many people use the small gun and they

Tips: Sneak up behind enemies if possible since going right in front of them
could be suicide.

Name: FN P90
Cost: $2,450
Ammo: 5.7mm - 50 rounds per clip - 100 reserved for later.
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Both sides

Details: The P90 has the most unusual shape of all. I don't know what the makers
were thinking before making the gun. Anyway lets get down to business. The P90
has a really good Firing rate although the damage it does isn't impressive. The
gun is quite good if you would like to play in a small map.

Tips: Never spray with this weapon. If you do you can just miss you target by
miles. Spraying would only be good If you enemy is 5 feet away from you.

Name: Mac 10
Cost: $1,400
Ammo: .45 - 30 rounds per clip - 96 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Terrorists

Details: The damage a Mac10 does is really surprising, Its rate of fire is
average, the only negative point is that Its accuracy. The gun will fly bullets
everywhere when sprayed with it.

Tips: 2 things if you buy it than don't spray with it, If you love spraying then
crouch and fire.

Name: Hk UMP 45
Cost: $1,700
Ammo: .45 - 25 rounds per clip - 90 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Both sides

Details: This is most likely to be the Second best SMG in Counter-Strike. It
does good amount of damage like the Mac10, It has good Accuracy. The only
disadvantage is that the gun takes quite a lot of time to reload. It can also be
a bit loud which could awaken the enemies nearby.

Tips: Don't just keep firing and wasting your bullets, this weapon isn't made
for that kind of fun because everytime you keep wasting it you come a step
nearer to its long reloads.


Name: Ak-47
Cost: $2,500
Ammo: 7.62mm - 30 rounds per clip - 90 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close - Far
Availability: Terrorists

Details: The Gun in Counter-Strike that has won the heart of most Counter-Strike
players. It does unbelievable amount of damage and fires quite fast; the two
abilities have shocked many of the Counter-Strike players. Another fact is that
it is effective in all ranges unlike the Mp5 Navy. The only disadvantage the gun
has is its accuracy. If you spray too much don't expect yourself to hit the

Tips: Although the accuracy is quite low for the Ak-47 that can be taken care of
by small 3-5 headshot bursts. If you get one correct headshot then it could mean
death for the enemy. Never ever spray with this lethal weapon.

Name: Sig 552 Commando
Cost: $3,500
Ammo: 5.56mm - 30 rounds per clip - 90 reserved for later
Secondary: Zoom
Designed Range: Close to Long
Availability: Terrorists

Details: The Commando has an above average rate of firing for a Rifle (not as
much as the ak-47) and it does reasonable amount of damage. Its accuracy isn't
good at all. Also It reloads quite slow that can be another weak point. The Zoom
feature can really increase its accuracy by a lot. Although its accuracy is not
as bad as the Ak-47's this gun still remains a question for many players.
Maximum advantage can be taken with this gun if you follow the tips. If followed
Correctly this gun may become really, really deadly. I would vote this the 3rd
best Rifle Amongst all.

Tips: Always, Always use the zoom. It increases its accuracy by a lot. Rather
than just spraying the whole round at your enemy learn to use 3-5 shot bursts.

Name: Colt M4A1 Carbine
Cost: $3,100
Ammo: 5.56mm - 30 rounds per clip - 90 reserved for later
Secondary: Silencer
Designed Range: Close - Far
Availability: Counter Terrorists

Details: One of the most popular Assault Rifle for the Counter-Terrorists this
gun has gained a LOT of respect amongst them. With nearly the same abilities as
the Ak-47 this gun stands as its complete enemy. The M4A1 does quite a lot of
damage to any enemy (Not as much as an Ak-47). Its Rate of Fire is the same as
the Ak-47's Its Accuracy is much better than the Ak-47's. Another huge advantage
for this weapon is its Silencer. At times when Accuracy is much needed a
Silencer just does the work for the M4A1. Around the Web their have been many
debates as to which gun is better; The Ak-47 or the M4A1. In my belief the Ak-47
takes the place as it is more deadly and some how gets you more headshots.
However the Recoil of the gun won't suit beginners so they would vote for an
M4A1 which has quite less recoil especially with the Silencer added.

Tips: Try not to target many far range enemies without the silencer, If so you
plan to do target them then go with the 3-5 shot burst technique. At close range
forget about the bursts and Spray the hell out of the nearby Enemies.

Name: Steyr AUG
Cost: $3,500
Ammo: 5.56mm - 30 rounds per clip  - 90 reserved for later
Secondary: Zoom
Designed Range: Close - Far
Availability: Counter-Terrorists

Details: The AUG has a rather slow reloading speed, which may not help you out
at some occasions. It has Okay Damaging power and average Firing rate for a
Rifle. However when it comes down to its accuracy the gun is quite a
disadvantage for it. To me this gun looks like another copy of the Sig 552
Commando, but a bit less weak.

Tips: Headshots. Don't fire for no reason it may bring you closer and closer to
the slow reloads. Burst Fire with this weapon at all times except at Close
range. When sniping with this always use the Zoom as it increases the accuracy.

Name: Steyr Scout (Sniper Rifle)
Cost: $2,750
Ammo: 7.62mm - 10 rounds per clip - 60 reserved for later
Secondary: Zoom
Designed Range: Medium - Far
Availability: Both sides

Details: Not a popular Sniper Rifle at all, but to many veterans of
Counter-Strike this is regarded as the most dangerous Sniper Rifle of all. It
can take an enemy down in just 2 shots; if aimed near the neck area then One
shot would be enough for the kill. For a Sniper Rifle the Scout is really quiet,
which is a huge advantage. As for the Firing rate isn't good not at all fast
since it takes time firing bullets one~by~one.

Tips: Don't try to go for the Enemies who are running since the gun fires one
shot at a time. Go for the headshots if you want instant kills. And ofcourse use
the zoom.

Name: Artic Warfare Magnum (Sniper Rifle)
Cost: $4,750
Ammo: .338 Laupa - 10 rounds per clip - 30 in reserve
Secondary: Zoom
Designed Range: Medium - Far
Availability: Both sides

Details: Nearly every person has picked one of these at least once in their
whole lives which make the AWM (Artic Warfare Magnum) the most popular Sniper
Rifle of all time. The main attraction of CS players to this weapon, is that it
can kill in one shot even If you hit on the body. The disadvantage takes over
this weapon and many people aren't aware of them. I don't know from where I
should start the list. Okay Firstly its damn expensive ($4,750) take the scout
for example its nearly half the price. It's quite heavy! It's too loud, If you
shoot from one end I can guarantee you will hear it miles away. It also has the
slowest Rate of Fire even slower than the Scout does.

Tips: Never go too close to the enemy with this weapon. Always have a pistol
incase you get involved in a close range combat.

Name: G3SG/1 (Sniper Rifle)
Cost: $5,000
Ammo: 7.62mm - 20 rounds per clip - 60 reserved for later
Secondary: Zoom
Designed Range: NO IDEA! I don't know what the designers were thinking before
making this gun...
Availability: Terrorists

Details: According to me this gun is a complete waste of space in the whole
arsenal. Its Firing rate is slow, Its not quiet at all. It one damn heavy
weapon, it takes quite a long time to reload, It doesn't do much damage at all,
which makes it quite weak. For the last disadvantage the G3 is 5,000 bucks! You
could get 3 perfect MP5 Navys for that!

Tips: Don't even look to buy this weapon. If you like to Commit suicide then go
ahead give the weapon a try...

Name: Sig 550 (Sniper Rifle)
Cost: $4,200
Ammo: 5.56mm - 30 rounds per clip - 90 in reserve
Secondary: Zoom
Designed Range: Medium - Far
Availability: Counter Terrorists

Details: The Sig550 has quite good accuracy and quite good rate of Fire. It can
be deadly at times when aimed for the head with it. The Sig550 is also quite
loud and heavy. Overall if I were you this gun won't be my choice.

Tips: Aim for the head. Don't move around too much with it, in other words fix
yourself at one spot.


Name: PARA
Cost: $5,750
Ammo: 5.56mm - 100 rounds per clip - 200 reserved for later
Secondary: None
Designed Range: Close
Availability: Both sides

Details: The only Machine gun in the whole Counter-Strike arsenal is the PARA.
For one big disadvantage is that its the most expensive weapon, which forces a
lot of players not to buy it. Don't get too comfy that isn't the only weak point
in this weapon. It is the heaviest weapon too! It takes ages to reload and most
of all it has no accuracy; it is full of recoil after its second shot fired. I
have seen only a few people master this weapon. In most experienced players'
view, this would be the worst weapon.

Tips: At far range aim below the Enemies' feet while crouching if you want a
headshot. Also try 2shot bursts and headshots.


Name: Flashbang
Cost: $200
Ammo: 2
Details: This weapon is supposed to blind people when thrown at them. It can be
used in situations where their are a lot of Snipers and they are guarding a
building then you could just throw a Flashbang blind them and at the same time
escape into your target area. These are most effective when groups of enemies (4
- 6 enemies) are coming towards your location, just pop a flash at them and they
all will get blinded. Then it would be easier for you to kill them.

Name: HE Grenade
Cost: $300
Ammo: 1
Details: The most deadly in the Equipment list is a HE Nade. If one of these
lands beside a person they can seriously kill him or do a lot of damage. These
are best used when their is an enemy sniping, just throw one in where the enemy
is and It If you aim is really good you might be able to kill the enemy. If your
aim  isn't you would have at least reduced the Enemy's health to the 20's. Then
it would be easy to kill him from here since you only need one shot from a Rifle
to terminate him. These have one thing similar to Flashbangs that is that they
can be effective on groups of people. Just throw one at a group of
enemies(accurately) and it would be enough to reduce 50% of all their health.

Name: Smoke Grenade
Cost: $300
Ammo: 1
Details: This weapon can also be helpful especially for Snipers. This weapon is
used to blind too, but the only difference between this and a Flashbang is that
the Flash disappears in 3 seconds while a Smoke Nade can last 30 seconds but not
with the same brightness. Snipers can throw this at a door/entrance people won't
know what's going on at the point since It would be full of smoke. As they would
come out the entrance the Sniper far away can easily spot them and they would be
dead in seconds.

I hope people would be helped out by my Guide to weapons. This all is my
experience I have has with all the weapons in the past years. Also the
information is quite accurate. Thanks!