Half-Life: Blue Shift review
No Gordon, but still fun!

The good:

*New areas of Black Mesa and Xen are revealed
*graphics are okay with the high-def expansion (comes with it)
*comes with Half-Life: Opposing Force
*Learn more about Barney Calhoun from Half-Life one and 2
*Still has all the great explosive gameplay and sound you can expect from a Half-Life title
*Final sequence is more exciting than you'd think

The bad:

*No bosses
*Too short
*Not that many weapons
*Can't access H.E.V. suit chargers


Ever wonder how Barney Calhoun (security guard in Half-Life and rebel in Half-Life 2) came to be in the Half-Life series? In the Blue Shift game, you play as him, trying to get yourself and some scientists out of Black Mesa during the alien incident.
Your weapon set, however, is drastically smaller than those in other Half-Life games. And unlike Opposing force, you get no new weapons to tinker with.
Another thing that's weird is that you can't suck suit power out of H.E.V. suit charging stations. Even Alan Shepard (Opposing Force) can do it and he doesn't have an H.E.V. suit either! Rather, you have to collect security guard body armor and helmets to replenish your suit power, which is still interesting, but it's a pain.
During your travels, you'll only be in two places: Black Mesa, and the alien world of Xen. But don't get me wrong, it ain't that bad; at least they aren't completely recyled, as they were never accesible to Gordon Freeman or Alan Shepard.
This game isn't terrible, nor is it the end-all greatest FPS experience. It's just a pretty fun game that gets overshadowed by its other Half-Life brothers.
I recommend this game.

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