Half-Life: Blue Shift FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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Half-Life: Blue Shift FAQ/Walkthrough

by InfernalColonel   Updated to v1.0 on
	Half-Life Blue Shift FAQ/Walkthrough

For PC

Table of Contents:
1. Copyright
2. Intro
3. Walkthrough
5. Contact info
6. Thanks

1. Copyright

This Guide is Copyright 2004 InfernalColonel. This guide 
may not be reproduced on any other website unless by my 
permission or the permission of GameFaqs.com. This guide 
on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is  Strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

2. Intro

Hello there. My name is InfernalColonel (my parents wanted
something unusual) and I love Half-life. Now I've played
every Half-life game there is, so why not write a guide?
This game is Half-life: Blue Shift, starring Barney (that
security guard who was everywhere in Half-life 1.

3. Walkthrough

Begin! Just another day at Black Mesa... or is it. Anyways
the intro is similar to that of the original Half-life. 
When your transit car comes to a stop get out and go to 
the door.


While you wait for the door to open, look at the transit 
car passing by. Notice someone familiar? When you enter 
Black Mesa your going to want to follow the green arrow 
to Area 3 security. Go down the two flights of stairs and
go through the door. When you enter the lobby follow the
red arrow to personnel facilities. Your stuff is in the
second row of lockers, pretty obvious, grab your armor and
go back to the lobby. The security at the desk will talk
about elevator problems and will ask you to help. Your
going to follow the blue arrow into the armory. Take the
elevator down. When you reach the bottom continue 
following the blue arrow. Go to the guy behind the glass
to get your pistol. You can go to the target range and
get some practice if you want. After your done go back
and take the elevator up. When you get in the lobby, go
to the front door and go back to where the wall says:
Refreshments, H-E Particle labs and area 3 security. 
Follow the red arrow to the H-E particle labs. After the
security guard opens the door, follow the red arrow up
the stairway and into the room with the scientists fixing
the computer. 

Follow the linear path into the room with
the pop machines. When you enter the transit room make a
right and go down the ladder that says maintenance access.
Go through the door and down the flight of stairs. When
your in the no smoking area move the barrel out of the
way and enter the door. Activate your flashlight in this
room and go up the ladder. In the area with the water, 
press the button for the bridge. While you wait notice 
the G-man by you. Go up the flight of stairs and when you
reach the sector G main access lift sign, follow it.
Enter the elevator and activate the panel. The elevator
will stop about half way with a warning sign. When the
lights go red, look at everything thats going on. The
elevator will crash.

"Duty Calls"

Exit the elevator and grab the crowbar. Make a right and
kill the two screamers. Don't go down the stairs. Keep
going right and smash boxes with your crowbar, grab a
clip on the shelf and smash the boxes to enter the hall
way. When you see the broke panel with a warning sign 
above it, smash it with your crowbar. The lights will go
out so activate your flashlight and go back to the 
stairs and go down. Use the pannel and go through the
level four door. Kill the headcrabs to your right. Don't 
step in the water because it will hurt you. Instead jump
on the table and go to the other side. Kill the headcrab
in the room, grab the clips on the shelf, and go up the
ladder. Talk to the scientist amd go back down to the
left side. You will see some explosive barrels behind a
gate. Shoot them and go through the destroyed gate. Make
a right to the transportation box and activate the 
switch. Ride it to the other side. Kill the two screamers
before you get out. Two shockers will appear so kill 
them. Now enter the door to your left and activate the 
switch for the south access. Go through the south access

Make your way around the boxes and kill the two 
screamers. Smash the boxes to your right to get some 
health. Kill the screamer behind the boxes and crawl 
under the door. Kill the screamer and go to the crane 
control unit. Position the left panel so it's halfway
between the Black Mesa boxes. Move the right panel down
just a little bit. Move the small box under the left 
panel box and jump up until you reach the ladder. Climb
it up and go up to the left. When you reach the room
with busted lights kill the shockers to your right and
left. Two more shockers will appear so kill them. Go 
to the right side, climb up the ladder directly in front 
of you, turn the valve and continue on. Don't go through
the steam, instead go down the ladder and turn the valve.
Now go back up and continue to the room with the switch.
Activate it for the elevator to come down. When it does
kill the two shockers on it. Go back to the ladder on the
right. Climb it down and go to the room on the left. Grab
the shotgun by the dead scientist. Now jump off the ledge
into the water and climb up the ladder to where you
originally were. 

Go back, take a right, and go through 
the door. Go to the end of the grating. Make a right and
activate your flashlight. Climb up the ladder in front of
you. When you reach the end of the room make a right 
until you enter the room with the water. Jump in the
water, watch out for the grabbers, and go through the 
window. Turn the valve and get out of that area. Get on 
the red tubes and jump onto the surface. Go through the
door and kill the two shockers. Make a right on the 
grating and kill the shocker (the other one will fall)
The bridge is broken so jump on the big red pipe to your
left. Walk around the pipes and onto the metal grating.
You will see two mawmen killing a security guard. Make 
a left and kill the three mawmen in the room. Grab the 
ammo and armor and continue forward. Kill the mawmen in
the next room and make a right on the grating. Use the
first-aid to your left if you need it, but continue
going forward. Make a left and kill the spitter in the
water. Jump in the water. Go right until you reach three
shockers and a spitter. Grab the medkit. Turn around
and walk to the generator control. 

Kill the spitter and
activate the switch. Go back to the elevator behind you,
kill the shocker and take the elevator up. Destroy the
boxes to get some ammo but then make a right on the
grating. Keep following this path until you reach the
elevator. Kill the shocker on it. What you need to do is
push the explosives crate over the edge, into the water.
After the explosion jump into the water. When you reach
the dead end, climb up the ladder. You'll hear some
soldiers talking. If you listen there talking about
Adrian Shepard, the star of Half-life: Opposing force.
Anyways make a right and continue down the hallway.

"Captive Freight"

Climb the ladder to the surface. Don't go forward 
because theirs turrets. Instead go right and activate 
the panel to go through the door. Continue down this 
hall until you reach the car. Grab the ammo, armor and
health and make a right to the door with the explosive 
barrels by it. Shoot off the lock and turn the valve 
all the way. Now climb down the ladder that says steam
tunnel access. It will break about halfway. When you 
reach the bottom, kill the jumper. Now your going to 
have to lose a little health. Jump through the steam
and turn the valve. Now continue forward down the 
tunnel. Go under water to the door with the red light
above it. Turn the valve right next to it and continue
through the door. Make a left and kill the spitter.
Continue down and make your first right. Kill the other
Kill the other spitter here. Kill the two headcrabs 
near the elevator, then take the elevator up. When you
reach the top kill the two headcrabs and go left down
the hallway. Kill the two headcrabs that drop down and
continue on. Two shockers will appear. Kill them and
make a right, then kill the shockers at the end of the

Continue down the hallway and kill the shocker
by the ladder. Now kill the headcrab on the box, then
kill the three shockers that appear. Go forward and kill 
the headcrab behind the boxes. Make a left and kill the
shocker and two headcrabs behind him. Make a right and 
kill the headcrab in the cage. Smash the boxes to reveal
a med station. Use it and go back to where you were and 
take the left path. Kill the headcrab behind the box and
then kill the two headcrabs near him. Make a right and
kill the shocker. Kill the shocker to the left and kill 
the other one that will appear. Shoot the explosive 
barrels. Now position the two metal boxes to the right
so the big one is in front of the broken vent and the 
little one is behind it. Jump on the boxes into the 
vent. Go left and go to the very end. Kill the headcrab
and continue right. Break the first case to your left,
and continue down this path. Kill the headcrab on the 
way and continue on. When you drop down kill the 
headcrab below you and break the case in front of you.

Move the barrel out of the way, and go through the door.
Make a right and go up the stairs. Kill the two soldiers
and talk to the scientist. After he's done talking kill
the soldier behind you and continue forward. Just go
down the hallway until you reach the exit. Enter the 
door and climb up the stairway. Get off on the first 
floor, grab some health, and get outside. Kill the 
three soldiers by the cars. To the right of the door,
through which you came out of, kill the soldier in the
window. Now jump on the dumpster, then on the tires,
and finally climb through the window. Enter the door to
your left and in that room go through the door on the
right. Enter the door that says warehouse security. Now
break off the gate to your left and grab all the health
and ammo. Now go right through the hallway, and through
the door. Kill the four soldiers in this room. Open the
door on the red train cart and talk to the scientist. 
Go to the storage room and kill the two soldiers inside 
it. Now enter the freight yard. Go down the hallway 
until you actually enter the freight yard. There are
four soldiers here so kill them. 

Behind the red train 
is a giant wheel with a wire on it. Use a grenade and
destroy the piece of wood blocking it. After that, 
eleven soliders will appear. Kill them and talk to the
scientist in the red cart. Go through the newly opened
track. Continue down until you reach the truck. Jump
in the back of it and grab the rockets. There are four
soldiers and a tank. So kill the soldiers and use your
newly accuired rocket launcher to destroy the tank.
Enter the room that says maintenance access and
continue down the hall. When you reach the railroad
tracks destroy the turret to your right, and go left
down the tracks. When you reach the cart, shoot the
propane tanks on it to blow a hole through the wall.
Jump through the hole and kill the soldiers. Now enter
the turntable controls, activate the switch, and turn
the handle. Go to the red train and activate the 
switch at the end. This will cause the train to go
backwards. When it stops, enter the train and talk
to Dr. Rosenburg. After he's done, he will push you

When you get up kill the soldiers and talk to him
again. When he's following you, enter the freight
warehouse. Keep going until you reach the stairs. Go
up the stairs to the third floor and enter shipping
recieving. Kill the soldier in the window to the 
right and continue forward. Kill the soldier in front
of you and make a left until you reach freight 
records. Go through it and enter the door to your 
left. Enter the stairway and kill the three soldiers.
Keep going down the stairs until you reach the
basement. Follow the hallway through the basement 
until you see the dead scientist. Now he will stop 
at the broken wall so you break it with your crowbar
and enter the elevator. Take it down then exit. Enter
the room with the hand panel and wait for Dr. 
Rosenburg to activate it. After he talks with the 
scientist follow him into the next room. After he's
done talking, step under the teleporter...

"Focal Point"

You wake up on Xen (that planet Gorden visited) First
thing is to kill the three shockers running toward 
you. There will be two on the ledge in front of you
so kill them to. use the healing pool if you want but
climb up the rocks and jump on the ledge. Go all the
way left into the cave and kill the shocker. Break 
the spider web looking thing and crawl through the 
tunnel. When you reach the room with the crystals go
right to the web covered tunnel and crawl through. 
Kill the headcrab and head left through the tunnel. 
When you reach the end kill the two headcrabs and 
grab the ammo carrier by the dead person in the HEV 
suit. Now head back to the tunnel and continue 
straight forward. Kill the headcrab by the crystals
and continue forward. Right when you get into the 
small passageway kill the headcrab. In this room 
theres two headcrabs and a spitter. Kill them and go
into the passageway to the left. Kill the headcrab
and when you reach the area where you can see the
crystals go forward. Grab the ammo carrier, kill the
headcrab, and go back to the area where you began.
Now this time go to the passageway directly in front 
of you, near the ramp. Kill the two headcrabs (one 
will drop from the celing) and continue on. You have 
the choice to go left or right, but go right. In the
room with all the water kill the headcrabs to your
left and right and step into the healing pool. Go
through the tunnel and continue on until your 
outside near all the platforms. Follow the linear 
path of platforms and kill the three shockers. When
you reach the tunnel go through it and kill the six
screamers. Make a right and go through the tunnel to
the floating platforms. Use the healing pool in the
middle and kill the three shockers that appear. 
After the explosions climb across the broken piller
and break the hole in the floor to drop down. Now
let the current take you away. Swim to the top of 
the pool and kill the spitter. Go left and drop down
into the stream. Use the jumping pad and jump up 
left to where the water in pouring out. Watch out 
for the barnacles. 

Now use the healing pool and grab the ammo carrier.
Follow the stream until you drop down and go left 
not right or you will end up where you were. Kill 
the spitter and the screamer and continue forward.
At the next ledge kill the spitter and the two 
screamers on the ledge above. Use the jumping pad 
and and get on the ledge in front of you and go 
forward through the tunnel. When you drop down 
activate the blue power controls. Go over to the 
radars and turn the knobs on both until the 
triangles are in the red zone. After you do that go 
through the tunnel. Don't worry about the shocker,
rocks will fall and crush him. Climb them up, kill
the headcrab and drop into the healing pool. Kill 
the two headcrabs comming towards you and continue
forward. Kill the headcrab and the spitter at the 
end of the tunne, and kill the two shockers and Xen
masters in the big area. Use the jumping pad to get
the ammo container on the platform in front of you.
Go back and head left. Kill the shocker near the 
ammo and health and go through the tunnel. 

Just go forward through the tunnel and kill any 
headcrabs you see. When you drop down kill the 
shockers and run forward and jump into the portal.
Your back in the lab. Now after his speech follow 
him to the elevator and head down.

"Power Struggle"

Open the door and kill the spitter feeding on a 
scientist and grab the armor near the dead security
guard. Now at the door that says "Reserve coolant
Basin" wait for the soldiers to cut through it, 
then kill them. Grab the health and ammo and kill
and kill the three soldiers to the right. Continue
going forward until you reach the blue room. Kill 
the three soldiers and continue forward until you
reach the bridge. Cross the bridge and kill the
solider on top and the two soldiers on bottom. 
Continue forward to the room with the three 
soldiers and the ladder. Kill them and climb the
ladder. Kill the soldier talking on the radio and
grab the health. Now when you see the dynamite 
line go right and kill the four screamers. Head 
back and you will see two boxes and a barrel. Break
the boxes and put the barrel where the broken
dynamite line is. Activate the switch and walk
through the broken gate. Kill the two shockers here
and climb up the ladder.

Kill the four headcrabs at the top and head right.
Turn the coolant pump and turn around and go 
forward. Kill the spitter and grab the armor and
ammo. Take the elevator down. When you reach the
giant room put the four coolant barrels (two on top
and two on bottom) on the metal grating in the 
middle of the floot, head back and take the elevator
up. Now head back to the room wiht the coolant pump.
Turn the valve and head back to the room where the 
dynamite was. Go to the room to the left where you 
killed the screamers and kill the alines on the 
other side. Now jump across and go through the door. 
Kill the three shockers in this hallway and go 
through the door. Kill the giant alien on the ledge
in the rom wiht the soldiers and jump over the boxes
to get to the other side. Go through the door and 
kill the two headcrabs on the stairway. Go up the
stairway and follow the path to the room with the
shocker. Go into the control room. Kill the spitter
and turn the tow power handles. Now go ALL the back
to the room with the radio. 

Go to the access 2 lift and activate the switch. Go 
across the bridge and kill the two shockers. Now in 
the room with the dying security guard talk to him 
until he dies and push the battery into the red power 
cell charging station and hit the red button. After 
it's done push the battery into the power cell 
delivery lift and hit the switch. Go to the elevator
access, open the door and go back to where you 
started. Now just activate the lift and take the 
elevator up.

"A Leap of Faith"

Hurray! Your on the last chapter (short game huh?)
Anyways your back at the lab and your going to get
out of here. Anyway the system will overheat so
you need to climb the ladder and kill the two 
shockers. Now turn the handle until the trinagle is
in the green zone. Now go into the control room.
Instead of explaning every detail of this, just hit
the button when the machine isn't charging and he's
yelling at you. Now finally at your turn, when it
charges hit the button and climb up the ladder. 
There will be about 6 soliders (more will come) so
just kill the soldiers in your way drop down as quick 
as you can and jump in the portal.

The End!


Q: Wait, theres something wrong with your guide
A: If you found a mistake contact me so I can 
correct it

Q: Can I contact you about my other guides?
A: sure just use my contact info

Q: What is the speed of light?
A: Not sure

8. Contact Info.

My AIM is InfernalSanchez and my e-mail is 

and if you live in the matrix I'm human number 

9. Thanks

- thanks to Gamefaqs.com

- Thanks to the readers (all 4 of them)

- Valve who made the game

- and me... can't think of anything funny to say