Half-Life: Blue Shift Cheats

Access Cheats
To access cheat mode on Half-Life: Blue-Shift, click start then click run and type in "C:\Sierra\Blue-Shift\bshift -dev -console -game gearbox" (excluding "&") then click enter or OK. This should take you straight into the game so once it has click (New Game) or (Load Game) and once in the game click the button with these two symbols on it: ¬ `
If you've used cheats on the other two Half-Lifes then you'll know all/most of the codes, if you haven't here are a few:

Code Effect
/impulse 101 Gives all weapons and ammo.
/god Makes you invinceable.
/noclip Allows you to fly through
/impulse 102 Creates giblets.
/impulse 103 Shows monsters stats when
pointed at.
/impulse 203 Deletes creature that's
pointed at.
/thirdperson Shows Freeman, Shepherd or
Calhoun in thirdperson veiw.
/firstperson Switches back to firstperson.