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The good:

Almost an MMORPG, Graphics, fun dungeons, likeable characters.

The bad:

One of the shortest games that I've played, way too easy, the AI was lame, graphics were choppy at times, and it is extremely repetitive.


Well, well, the final installment to the .Hack series. I must say, this game took a downfall from its last installment, Outbreak. I found it to be really boring since everything was the same, and it didnt have as much diversity as Outbreak did. I was disappointed because I had hopes that the game developers would have at least increased the graphics engine, or changed at least a few elements of the battle system.. but I guess that didnt really happen. So, we experienced the same choppy graphics (at times), the same boring dungeons, and the same annoying characters. What else can I say? It w...


Best one in the whole series

The good:

Most of it~decent battle system, good variety of monsters and characters, good amount of skills/equipment, finishes the storyline for the series, best part is... ALL CHARACTERS!!

The bad:

Graphics in battles could be better


To me this game is the best one of the 4. This is the one where you max your characters, and kick some major booty! *heh heh* Well anyways...you get to play and quickly hit high levels (90+) you become super strong and the game still poses a challenge. You get many new characters at the end when you beat it! (WOOT!)Personally I think that this game rocks overall...yea its a bit expensive, but the price is gettin lower... but overall its most definitely worth it! I really enjoyed finishing the series at last...(lets see...if you beat each game at a max of 20 hours a piece...thats 80hours...h...


The last one...

The good:

Non-linear story, not bad graphics, nice music and level generating tool is da bomb too. Good story and the idea of game is not bad too, many charachters to choose of.

The bad:

Smooth graphics, in 3-4 hours of gameplay it is begin really boring, short one ...just 10 hours of gameplay... really easy, no hard bosses but sometimes monsters are to way strong, but anyways their AI is miserable.


The last part and the most battling. Last boss sucks, but after it it 'd be some strangely HArd monsters. Also have many story speaking....
ou must buy all games of the series in one turn... and it is hard cause there are 4 of them so 4x55(average game) = 220 bucks! and this is crazy! But you can always rent it

Sound -7/10
Story -7/10
game -6/10

Must play if you like animes or if you saw manga named .hack...



The good:

-Ace graphics during battles and wanderings
-Cool soundtrack
-Good and dramatic storyline
-Ability to use data from previous games
-Real-time fighting system
-Free anime DVD!

The bad:

-Impossible to play for a beginner
-Too short, if you consider it to be an independent game rather than a 'part 4' kinda game.
-Allies sometimes get quite annoying


A very cool climax to the .hack series. This game doesn't change much from the previous games, but the storyline is quite immersive and the gameplay is superb. The basic forula is the same as Outbreak and the rest, and there are no notable changes to the game style. But who cares? It's a very big game that will take a while to fully complete, and is very free-roaming. The game is must-buy, but only if you have played the previous .hack games.


People diss the game because, its expensive well yes it is but...


Graphics 8/10 The graphics are great in cutscenes they're clear in such but, while playing the game the graphics can be a little better.

Story 10/10 The story is great. It continues right off from part 3. The story is something that can keep you sucked into the game.

Battle system 7/10 Its not the best. Its kind of repetitive but, its fun to do using different abilites on 300 different monsters. I would think the battle system would be kind of better if it was turn based. IMO

Gameplay 8/10 The gameplay is fun. Its a good RPG which is easy to get used to. You can interact with different player...


.Expensive//Over sorta...


The world is not just a game something with a darker
purpose is using it to manipulate the real world
build around the occult classic "The Key of the
Twilight" The world is known to cause seigneurs and
lose of consciousness Please be advised.

Well I just played These games...
The graphics are good it does accurately describe a
mult massive Role playing game...
I am going to use this to describe all of them
don't let this deceive you this is a 3.0 game
the price lowers it

The first of the series is barely long enough to give
you a taste of things to come however Kingdom Hearts
is about the same thing ...

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