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The good:

Almost an MMORPG, Graphics, fun dungeons, likeable characters.

The bad:

One of the shortest games that I've played, way too easy, the AI was lame, graphics were choppy at times, and it is extremely repetitive.


The third installation in the .Hack series is fun. I never thought that I would say that about this series, but it has had a rise and fall, so to speak. Its really getting boring with the dungeons and other methods of getting new characters (having them tell you what to do, and then you go do it), but you'll live with it. I was also impressed because it seems like one of the "hidden" characters whom you never really got a chance to play with is now playable again. You also get a newer, and much appreciated character to add in your arsenal of characters. The graphics, battle system, and ever...


One of the best of the series!

The good:

Probably most all~Upgrades, battle system same, continuing the story further in, new characters rock (like balmung) overall you level same and everythin.

The bad:

Graphics still need upgradin


Overall, 2nd best only to the 4th one in my opinion. I like how they continue the flow of the storyline throughout the entire series. The movie scenes still look good, i really liked adding Balmung to my party. He kicks some butt. Leveling is as easy as before (if you now how to fight) and the game goes at your pace. You can level up when you want and where you want. Whether it be at random places or old favorites. My favorite party is Kite, Balmung and Blackrose. They kick some major booty! Balmung looks cool too! His wings are so friggin cool... if i had a char it would look like him exce...


The best one of the series...

The good:

Non-linear story, not bad graphics, nice music and level generating tool is da bomb too. Good story and the idea of game is not bad too, many charachters to choose of.

The bad:

Smooth graphics, in 3-4 hours of gameplay it is begin really boring, short one ...just 10 hours of gameplay... really easy, no hard bosses but sometimes monsters are to way strong, but anyways their AI is miserable.


In my opinion the best game in the series of .hack.Has the best story and many side-quests...But again-- it is sometimes boring...
ou must buy all games of the series in one turn... and it is hard cause there are 4 of them so 4x55(average game) = 220 bucks! and this is crazy! But you can always rent it

Sound -7/10
Story -7/10
game -6/10

Must play if you like animes or if you saw manga named .hack...


.hack Vol. 3: Outbreak


This is one of the hottest games I have played this whole year - superb graphics and a soundtrack by NIN make this a great action romp. Some other users have diss'd the game cuz they say it's too short, or it doesn't have enough weapons.... forget what they say, cuz the game is freaking HARD, and the weapons that you have access to require some serious skill to really master, so all in all the game is tuff to beat, and not at all suitable for pansies. Two thumbs way up! what can i say im not good with words anyway..... ........ ...????? ????????? ???????.$ $$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$...




The world is not just a game something with a darker
purpose is using it to manipulate the real world
build around the occult classic "The Key of the
Twilight" The world is known to cause seigneurs and
lose of consciousness Please be advised.

Well I just played These games...
The graphics are good it does accurately describe a
mult massive Role playing game...
I am going to use this to describe all of them
don't let this deceive you this is a 3.0 game
the price lowers it

The first of the series is barely long enough to give
you a taste of things to come however Kingdom Hearts
is about the same thing ...

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