.hack Vol. 3: Outbreak Cheats

.hack Vol. 3: Outbreak cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more .hack Vol. 3: Outbreak cheat codes.


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A good way to level up fast.
During the game you'll get a Keyword to a level that people say they saw a Red Wand there. Go there. At least be around Level 55, bring a partner around the same level and, bring Balmung who should be at level 60 or higher. This is a level 70 area. Once you defeat a monster in that level you'll get around 500 EXP. You need 1000 EXP to level up. Around every two monsters you defeat you should level up. This is a good way to level up.
Fast GP Via 2128 Drain
I'm sure many of you have already discovered just how effective 2128 Drain really is; The more you use it, the higher the infection level, and the higher the infection level, the better the weapons get. Eventually, when you reach yellow infection level, you should be getting nothing but high level and/or rare items. After using 2128 Drain over and over, you will have a sufficient surpluss of rare and high level equipment, all of which can be sold for some heavy cash. When using this trick, just be sure not to reach red infection level; That's when you lose EXP, Curses are cast, and a potential GAME OVER. Also I suggest going to a level 68-70 area due to all the high level monsters that give you rare equipment. Just use Chosen, Hopeless, ________ and it should give you a high level area. Once in the area, clear the field, clear the dungeon, gate out, save, and repeat.

I've gained about 250,000 GP doing this.

Note: Make sure you have a strong party and that everyone is no more than 4 levels lower than the level of the area. These monsters are powerful, you should be too.

Field's Deed
At the Gott stature in the Dungeon of Siegma: Tested, Morphean, Alchemy you find an item called a Field's Deed. This Dungeon has a double suprise, the Field's Deed and a a powerful weapon for a Twin Blade called the vampire Blades. To find this deadly weapon check in a square room in the bottom level of the dungeon. Trade the Field's Deed to a Twin Blade named waffle for an extremely powerful weapon for a Heavy Blade called the Dreams of Yore. This Dungeon also has a lot of Data bugs and is a level 68 area.
Help + Lvl Up
At The Start Of The Game, Go To Dungeons Which Have A Level Close To Your Character's Level (You @ Level 50-Level 50-55 Dungeons). Clear The Dungeon So You Have Lots Of Experience And Items To Sell. Once You've Sold Them All, Buy Loads Of Things Like Speed Charms, Resurrects, Warrior Banes (Etc.), And When you Go Into A Dungeon Equipped With These, You'll Be Able To Kick-Ass High Level Monsters. I Went Into A Level 70 Dungeon At Level 54. It Would Also Help To Take A Few Party Members (I'd Take Blackrose+Balmung, Or A Wavemaster And A Blademaster). Don't Forget To Equip Yourself With Good Armor. If You're Loaded I Suggest You Help Your Party Members Out Too.
Hidden Features
On the DVD there are 3 hidden sections. The first step is to open the DATA part of the DVD. Then go to the selections and simply press the right button. You'll notice that the cursor disappears. Once you are here simply press the X button. There are three hiiden sections one for each section in the DATA section except for the DVD credits one.
Sora's Blades
In the beginning of the game if you look at the board, at the bottom it will say "Phantom", it will tell you a level. Make sure you are at least at level 61 to go. It is a level 70 level. At the bottom you will see Skieths wand, on it will be Sora(the very fast twin blade from the TV Series) he will talk, then give you sora's blades, the second strongest in the game.


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.hack//LIMINALITY Rare Item Codes
If you watch .hack//LIMINALITY with subtitles throughout the film you'll see 3 keywords pass by. They're keywords that happen to be a dungeon keyword in your game that has rare item in the treasure room! In .hack//OUTBREAK those keywords are:
Barking Hot-Blooded 500 Lohan
Ringing Ears Ghostly Sacred
Unusual Ghostly Remnant
great way to lvl up
go to sigma dog dancing half-boiled messenger and stay on the field DO NOT GO TO THE DUNGEON and be at lvl 50 or higher (i was lvl 53 when i went)and bring with you balmung or blackrose and wiseman and make sure you have 2 weapons hachiyou and raikoumaru and use a fairy orb and go to all the portals make sure you set them to 1st aid if they get low on hp use a restorative drink and if wiseman gets low on sp use a artisans soul there will be 3 different kinds of monsters 1.dark messenger take out your raikoumaru blades and use thunder dance and it will probably kill it and if your around lvl 55 or lower u will get around 500 exp!!! 2. lich take out your hachiyou blades and use orchid dance and that will probly kill it and you will get around 500 exp. if your below lvl 55 and lastly 3.Stare RUN!!!! if your lower than lvl 65 i only have 1 tip for you for this guy RUN like the wind. i went there at lvl 53 and came back at lvl 62 with only opening half the field portals
ultimate weapons
here is a tip that gives u the most powerful party. There are 6 awesome weapons for about every type of character in the game.There is the weapon Two Together,Twinblade, rare/level 51. u get this from a monster called stare it is in almost every lvl. 70 dungeon.

There is also the minerva, longarm level 55/rare, this comes from a monster called skull devilangion which is also in any level 70 dungeon. The same monster will give u Tri-tips, heavy axeman level 51/rare.

There is phoenixs fire, blademaster level 55/rare. a monster called Lich gives u this item.Level 70 dungeon.

Also there is the Five Stars, heavy blade level 51 or 55/rare. this comes from the monster called star viking whichs in level 69 dungeon.this monster is the hardest to drain so u must use your weekest moves to break his guard (more effective if fought with only weak magic and no party).

Lastly there is the Heh Heh Heh, wavemaster level 55/rare. This comes from a monster called dark maiden in all 70 level dungeons.

U might have to drain these monsters more than once because they have other drain items too.just have patience.