Gyruss review
A unique and fantastic outer-space shooter

The good:

Unique style of gameplay. Surprisingly good music and sound effects. More depth in gameplay than the arcade version.

The bad:



Based on the unique arcade shooter of the same name, Gyruss takes you on a fast-paced journey where your mission is to liberate the galaxy by defeating aliens that have taken over each planet. You fight through waves of enemies on each planet and ultimately take on a boss at certain points.
The graphics are excellent and perfectly converted from the arcade game. Frame rate is fast and there's virtually no flickering or slowdown, and the "scrolling stars" background is very appropriate when it's not distracting you. The sounds and music are the most surprising thing about the game-the FX are authentic, but the music is just awesome. It's almost like a "techno-classical" theme that is not only very appropriate, but quite intense at times and really enhances the gameplay because it seems to match the mood and pace of the experience. Controls are very good but given the nature of the game, it takes a little time to learn because you move in a circle, like if you were a hand on a clock. There are two control options so you have some flexibility in finding what works. The gameplay is quite unique for a shooter, mainly because of how you move in a circle around the edge of the playing area, rather than side-to-side like in most shooters. Additionally, this version adds boss battles that were not found in the arcade game, plus you get a second weapon that the arcade lacks, which adds even more strategy to the game. And the game keeps going when you win but gets a little tougher, adding replay value.
Easily one of the best arcade shooters on the NES, and one of the most addicting, it's definitely worth looking around for. But just keep track of time because once you get good, you could find yourself warping the hours away without knowing it!

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