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I Challenge you to a Duel...

The good:

NOT affiliated with Konami's Yugioh...

This is one game that came with a "bang" and surely at a good time when Platform games arent the hit these days.

GunZ: The Duel, is a MMO third person Shooter that allows you to create a customizable character and you take role in participating in Deathmatches and team play modes.

The controls aren't slick, but with practice, the mouse and keyboard put up to be a good partnership when the time is right.

You start the game with a set of either SMG's or handguns and a Dagger or sword. From there, you can join a room to participate in games that allows you to blast the enemy to earn experience and bounty, which you buy equipment and better arms.

The community and staff are absolutely positive and dedicated to help ensure your membership to Gunz is running good and slick.

The bad:

Aside from the group of "Hackers" that attempt to disrupt the game and it's properties, The game's servers tend to be a bit unstable..sometimes at the worst time, making you disconnect ocassionaly.

The Game uses the "PING" system that requires a very good ISP to ensure a good side view to you and the other player connected to you. having a pretty bad connection will tend to make game hosters "kick" you out of the game.

Techniques in this game are pretty hard to master as well, The "Butterfly" and "Slash Shot" are the keys to practically dominate the competition, and it seveely requires much practice to come at the level. DO NOT EXPECT to be better than everyone.


For 131 MB...rather than a odd 1734 MB game, This is a good PC game to try out and see if the criteria fits to needs. As said before, the Staff is highly dedicated to help with any problems should you come when experiencing in this game.

Though this is in it's BETA phase, the game is still worth the trouble to spend time and, shoot some "lead"

Are you ready to duel?


Gunz (Beta) Review


Well, upon playing this game I wasn't sure what to expect, I hardly play games of this genre anymore but it came highly recommended. First thing that caught my attention was it's free and easy to download off the internet. Those two things are great in my book. Of course this is just for now, once it really comes out then you will have to pay but for now the Beta is what you want.

This game is downright addicting, fast gameplay, numerous weapons, I mean this game is fun. You create a character to your liking, not too indepth but that's not what this game is about. It's about the battles and ...


Let's Go Shoot Some People

The good:

- Excellent 3rd person action.

- Dodging moves that are actually useful and are not gimmicky.

- Good selection of weapons to choose from.

The bad:

- Lag plays a major role in the fights.

- There's not enough variety in clothes selection.

- Needs more maps and play modes.


There are a lot of 3rd person shooters on the market that attempt to emulate the jumping, dodging, and shooting fame from action movies like The Matrix, so why should you spend some of your time playing this one? Well, for one, it's completely free. Secondly, it's completely online. And lastly, it's tons of fun.

As soon as you launch the game (after a quick download off of the Gunz site), you're welcomed with well-drawn and stylish character art that conveys the mood of the action to come.

Once you get past the severe lack of servers (at this time there's only 4, and they're almost always f...

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