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A recipe for total awesomeness


Developer: Treasure
Publisher: Sega

I might've been alive back in 1993, but I hadn't developed the motor skills necessary to play video games. At this time, a game for the Sega Genesis called Gunstar Heroes was released. Developed by ex-Konami developers called Treasure, Gunstar Heroes was an exercise in seeing just how much ass the Sega Genesis could kick, showcasing some top notch colors, a rocking soundtrack, and some of the best levels you'll ever go through in a 16-bit sidescrolling platformer. Obviously, a lot of you have already played through this game and love it to bits, but some of...


A Gem from Treasure

The good:

  • Cooperative play allows you to take on all the levels with a second person for twice the fun
  • The ability to combine weapons together to create an ability that suits your play style
  • A variety of difficulty levels which changes various aspects of the story (boss battles)
  • Intense music to suit the game scenarios


Years in the waiting, Gunstar Heroes finally made it's debut on the Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade.

Those who have played this game back in the Sega Genesis days would know how much of a fun game this is to play. The pretence of the story is that you play as one of two agents that are set against an empire that have stolen four legendary gems that are to be used to revive a machine that once devastated the world. These gems, once collected will then unlock the rest of the game where the heroes, toting their guns, will follow the gems to the stars and take out Golden Silver, the aforementioned threat t...


Gunstar Heroes - The Only Genesis Game You Will Ever Need.


Gunstar Heroes. I played this game at my friend's house, just curious to see if it was good or not, and because we were as bored as hell. This title was released in 1993 by relatively unknown publisher/developer Treasure, and I was surprised at how the game looked, let alone played at a graphics rate shown, considering the Genesis is only a minimal-bit console. This game, voted in the "Top 99" of all games by reader reviews according to IGN, is probably one of the most underrated titles in the early-90s, and I classify 1993 as an early-90s year. Will you be hooked?


I understa...

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