Gungrave Overdose Cheats

Gungrave Overdose cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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Special Desperation Move
this is not really a cheatcode more of a move you would want to use when you are in danger and close to dying. to use this move you should have al least 50 arts.first jump up and press the melee button to use a stun attack then press the R2 button and hold then press and hold the shot button and melee button at the same time if done correctly you should use a bullet dance that does charged up shots in slow motion and you will be unstopable. and also you should have no sheild left.
Unlock Alternate Costumes
To unlock alternate costumes for all 3 playable characters, beat the game with each of them on any difficulty level.
Unlock Everything
To unlock everything, beat the game on Kick Ass difficulty level. This only works in the North American version of the game.
Unlock Kick Ass Difficulty
To unlock the Kick Ass Difficulty level, clear Hard difficulty with any character.