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The first game in the Gundemonium trilogy, and tells a story of alchemy gone wrong in an alternate 18th century. Its galvanized and finely tuned side-scrolling bullet-hell shoot-'em-up gameplay sets it well above most other games in the genre. The game is deceptively simple from the outset, but has very well-thought-out gameplay mechanics. There are multiple playable characters, expertly crafted enemies and bullet patterns, a variable-difficulty "Phase Level" system, a risk-and-reward bullet "Friction" system, a "Demonic Shift" ability that's not for the faint of heart, and much more.

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  • Three playable characters and a fourth unlockable
  • Five levels of intense side scrolling bullet gameplay
  • Story, Practice and Mission modes allow players to take their shooting skills to the max

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Dec 23, 11 12:43am

Getting an early Christmas present this year, Insanity Prevails has been gifted the forty-first round of Articles of Excellence with his review for Gundemonium Recollection. A "bullet hell" title - which is a sub-genre of the standard shoot 'em up for the curious out there - he describes it as a title that may be hard for newcomers or stock standard for returning gamers, but can be a fun title with an interesting theme to it.

 Gundemonium Recollection     Score: 3.5/5
 Genre: Bullet Hell Shooter

 So my final thoughts? It's a fun game that throws up some interesting scenarios and a wonderful setting.

quote Insanity Prevails
Bullet hell shooters are relatively rare from Western developers but Japan - especially their indie scene - certainly has no shortage of them. While we may be waiting forever for the ever popular Touhou to find an actual release over here, Rockin' Android have seen fit to pick up a different set of games to tempt English speaking audiences with. Gundemonium Recollection is the first of these games.

The setting provides us with an interesting alternate 18th century world where alchemy has allowed mankind to progress further (aka welcome to steampunk). But this power comes from a dark source and the world becomes victim to a demonic army pouring out. When an artificial being designed to counter them is subsequently captured and turned against humanity, the Rosenkreuz Foundation step in.

While the back story is nice, you might be hard pressed to fully take in the story during the game. Other than the blurb in the manual, the rest of the story progression is handled purely in text blurbs that crop up in intermission screens that appear between levels and these more tend to be "something happened, go there now" sort of thing. I found it hard to really get involved in the plot, leaving me to focus entirely on the action.
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Dec 6, 11 11:19pm
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Dec 2, 11 3:55pm

Bullet hell shooters are relatively rare from Western developers but Japan -...

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