Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space review
Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space

The good:

This game is the best out of all the gundam games i have.

The bad:

nothing at all.


Gundam Encounters in Space is the best gundam game i have ever play out of all the gundam games i have at home.It has the standard story mode called "WhiteBase" where you play as Amuro and pilot the gundam.Another part of WhitBase is that it has two versions,the story version and the movie version.the story veresion is what happend on the television show Mobile Suit Gundam.The movie mode is basicly the same as story mode with afew MS changes such as Hyato in a guncannon,Slegger in the corebooster,and Sayla in a corebooster.What i like most about this game is that t has more than one story mode.The second mode is ThoroughBred where you play as Lt Ford Romfellow in his Rx-78-5 or G05 and fight all the way to the end of the war or get to Granada to sgree to a ceasefire.the third mode is Ace Pilot mode whic lest you choose the story mode of Char Aznable,Johnny Ridden,Shin Matsunaga,The Black Tri Stars,Yuu Kajima,Kou Uraki,Anavel Gato,and Chima Garahau.We also get Mission mode where you can create your own character and customize his/her abilitys and skills.The final story in versus mode where you can fight with up to three units on both sides or go at it alone.More to the game is the movie selection that once you have unlocked a scene in the game you can watch it.

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ghost_of_starscream Aug 10, 14
im with you. i love the multi lock on, 3rd person battle sphere system.

route tubes & launch sequences however, i could do without.

i think they should do another one of these, from like G gundam or gundam seed on.. like a dynasty warriors gundam game, only encounters in space engine.
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