Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space review
Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space by Bacon Gundam

The good:

Game Play, if you are a Gundam fan you WILL love this game.

The bad:

Since I am a Gundam fan I can't find anything bad about this game.


OK, first of all if you are a Gundam fan don't even read this. If you like Universal Century, Wing, G, or any series just go out and buy this. You will love it.<br><br>If you have seen an episode of Wing or know nothing of Gundam and you're looking for a good game to own, maybe you should read this. If it's been a while since you've played a decent game this may be what you are looking for. You fly around in space inside the center of a giant robot about 18 meters to scale. You're thinking, robot, whop-te-doo. Well, this isn't just about flying a magical robot around space blowing up other robots or a game a developer thought up because he thought it would be cool to fly a robot. No, there is more to that. Don't think of this as a simple robot game. It is more about advanced military in a futuristic time and space. In this time there are developed humans called Newtypes that are advanced in the piloting of these robots called Mobile Suits. They sort of adapt to new life which is space. They live in space in several gigantic tubes called Colonies. Living in space has made them a little more inteligent than the average human and can predict things. All though this Newtype thing sounds like a bunch of magical jiberish, it is a little more down to earth. This Newtype theory is just a theory. It has not been proven that there are advanced humans and is just a rumor that people in space are developing better thinking skills. So, not every one is a Newtype. The people in Colony 3, or Side 3, feel that they are better than those on earth, and decide to claim independance against the Earth Federation as the Princeipality of Zeon. Other Colonies either go with the Zeon, or some stay loyal to the Federation, as the Federation has occupied some Colonies. Zeon has developed advanced Mobile Suits and have skilled pilots that are traind to pilot these Mobile Suits. The Earth Federation has just normal tanks and jet planes, but the Mobile Suits are much more advanced and are no match compared to the tanks and jet planes. So, later on in the war they develop their own Mobile Suits to fight back against Zeon, but since the Zeon pilots are more trained in the area of piloting Mobile Suits the Earth Federation still has a hard time fighting off the Zeon. So, the Earth Federation starts to develop a more advanced Mobile Suit called the Gundam. There is a certain event that takes place in which the top secret tests of developing the Gundam and other Mobile Suits, called the V Project wich took place on a Colony (forget which), are raided by the Zeon to prevent the Gundam from being developed. During the attack a civilain named Amuro Ray, the main character in Mobile Suit Gundam, who is a kind of a technical geek, activates the Gundam and ends up preventing the dustruction of the Gundam. He then ends up becoming a Federation pilot and the pilot of the Gundam which is the Federations "secret weapon" to the war. Amuro is later on in the war to be a rumored Newtype, but like I said, this is just a theory. Amuro and the Gundam go on to be known very well and feared in battle. This war will be known as the One Year War and this game is about the One Year War. So, now that you know a little about Gundam and what this robot game is set around, I'll tell you about the game play and whatever. Keep in mind this isn't the best explaination about Universal Century Gundam, just a little idea of whats going on.<br><br>There are many parts to this game. There is a Mode were you can follow Amuro's battle's in space up to the end of the One Year War. One Mode lets you be another group of people who piloted another Gundam model. A Mode were you can follow the story of other ace pilots during the One Year War and after the One Year War. A Mode in which you make your own pilot in the One Year War. And a Mode were you play your friends piloting any Mobile Suit and any Mobile Suit Pilot. All Modes keep you into the game and make the game worth every penny.<br><br>The Game Play in this Game is what makes this game unique. You are in space, so you can fly every were and piloting the Mobile Suit by looking up and down, rotating left and right, and moving forwards and backwards. All most like an air plame game, except you control if you want to move or not, go forwards or backwards. By pressing the x button you sort of activate the thrusters and you move at a very fast speed, depending of the quality of the Mobile Suit. Double tapping x make the Mobile Suit do a little barrel roll and makes the enemy lose it's lock on of your Mobile Suit. And there are the buttons to use your main weapon, sub weapon, and beam saber or any other close melee weapons. The thing so great about the game play is it's fast pace. With a good Mobile Suit, you could destroy so many Mobile Suits in such a fast pace the screen will have trouble following your Mobile Suit. So, by the time you slash one Mobile Suit up and it's destroyed you can quickly lock on to an other, boost at it while shooting like mad, and slash it up all before the screen can reorientate itself behind your Mobile Suit. You can become very skilled at the game too. You can be the worst Mobile Suit and still be skilled enough to totaly school an oponent or your friend who has a very good Mobile Suit. The controls are very reaction friendly too. You tell it to lock on to some thing it will and you could anticipate the lock on and boost at the same time your Mobile Suit turns around to lock on an enemy. Or, you could boost at your enemy, slash him up, barrel roll, and shoot while boosting backwards and the game will keep up with your commands. You could literally fly circles around the enemy and school them if you are skilled enough. And playing a friend who is just as skilled as you are is intense. The game really gets you into it, while playing a friend who is just as good as you are, trying to hit one another while you have to dodge your friends fire. Not to mention you can have friends aid you in battle and help you out buy requesting support when it is availible. If you've seen a Gundam anime you will notice you can do almost every thing you see and look as cool as the battles in the anime. Like flying at the enemy while circling around and dodging the fire while shooting back. This game has no limits as far as piloting skill and fun.<br><br>You may have noticed professional or website reviews give this game an average score and average-joe reviews (like mine) score this game as a definate buy. I recomend not to listen to the pro reviews so much, as this game is no Grand Theft Auto III, but it is a good game. There are games that are the best and games that are "hmm, I feel like playing this right now because I like _______," and of course bad games. This game falls into the "hmm, I feel like playing this right now because I like _______," catogory, since it will never get old when playing with a friend and will be a great enjoyment for months, trying to beat high scores and opening up a can of whop-ass on sucka COM enemies. Another thing about this game is that in some Modes you can alter the way the level goes by getting a high or low score, letting something die or killing a hidden something, or other things like that that in real life would efect the course you take. Like my friend died, I didn't go to the part were you destroy the space ship, or my friend lived, I went to the part were you desrtoy the space ship. Things like that which depending on what you did efects the way the level goes.<br><br>The Mobile Suits you can pilot have a very good sense of class. The bad Mobile Suits suck and the best Mobile Suits make it look like you are cheating. If versus you can be every Mobile Suit. They also included Wing Gundam and Talgesse III from Gundam Wing, Shining Gundma and Master Gundam from G Gundam, and Strike Gundam and some other Gundam (forget, sorry) from Gundam SEED, the newest Gundam series in Japan.<br><br>Overall, for a Gundam fan this is the hottest game to buy right now in the US. For a Gundam fan, better than FFX-2 or any popular game. A must buy. For and person with no clue on what Gundam is or at least half a clue, this is a game to put on the back-burner. Not ot rent, but when you get the money to aford it this is the game you may want to buy right away when you're bored or you're looking for a worth while game.<br><br>Hope I didn't leave anything out you may want to know, this is more for the non-experienced Gundam person.

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