Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space review
Mobie Suit Gundam Encounters in space

The good:

Gameplay, Graphics, Replay Value, Unlockables, Music, SFX, Not too easy.

The bad:

The Voice overs arent great, sometimes its a bit too hard too.


This is by far the best gundam title yet. Everything is great. Its fast pacced, and it will test you skills. The graphics or some of the best to offer, there are a few screw ups, such as guns through peoples heads but those are just little things that dont realy take away from the game at all. The music and SFX are great, while the Voice overs arent so. Some of the characters dont sound like they should while others a perfect and some even better than they were. This game has great replay value, with almost 70 unlockable Mobile Suits and around 10 different modes including versus. If your lookingfor a challenge you got it here, the game is beatable but getting that perfect score is no easy task. If you want an awsome gundam game or action shooter then this is definantly one to try. I give it a 5 out of 5, the problems it has dont take away from it enough to dull the greatness.

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