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GunBound review
GunBound (Import)

The good:

Different Machines, Avatars, Money, Weapons, Levels, Graphics.

The bad:

Scammers, Hackers, Annoying Players, Only Available Online.


I'll start with the bad so we can improve on this. Scammers, who try to trick you are just plain annoying to play with. Hackers could do anything with your person, money and items. You get people saying insults over the game saying you're terrible (not that politely) and telling you to do something. I won't name what they say but it's pretty disturbing at some times. You do get the occasional nice person on though. The fact that it's only available online is pretty bad. They could of made it like Worms World Party, on and offline.

There are a wide selection of machines to play as and they each have there own 'quality'. Boomer is pretty bad against winds so watch out for him. The avatars you get are cool as well because you can upgrade them with the money you make. You make the money by killing, hitting some good shots and just winning! The weapons are good as well. I'm not talking baseball bat here, I'm talking dual and teleport. I doubt they're called weapons really but, meh. The levels can be pretty good, you get a wide selection of them. Graphics are superb for 2D and the colouring is great.

It's free so you should download it. I didn't want to at first, seemed too much of a hassle after realising it took half an hour to download, and that was on a fast computer. But you won't regret it. There are a lot of members on neoseeker who play Gunbound, and it was mb 1 who convinced me to try it out. It's one of my favourite online PC games I've played, sitting nicely behind Links 2003. They improve on it with updates regularly, and members can be banned if they abuse the game. So really there's nothing to worry about. And with the updates I've mentioned, they continue to improve on the game. There's even an official website for it, where you download this phenomienal game, and the forum there is generally friendly.

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