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Ah GUN, this old title from the team at Neversoft holds a special place in my heart. As a fan of everything western ranging from Rio Bravo to Deadwood I've always felt that the genre has been under represented in the video game marketplace. Red Dead Revolver had dropped the previous year, but considering it came from Rockstar it was considered by many to be a small (but still fun) disappointment. Then Neversoft comes along and starts touting GUN, the game that RDR should have been, an open world title in the same vein as GTA. While GUN ultimately falls short of the series it emulates, it do...


A fun game, but never reached its full potential

The good:

Good: *Interesting cast of characters
*Nice selection of side missions
*Simple yet interesting plot
*You can decide when to get back to the main plot or do side missions.

The bad:

Bad: *Very small world of the game
*Some poor enemy AI at times
*On the whole quite limited in many areas
*The side missions are repetitive and not very tough at all.
*No real replay value after completion
*Too short


GUN is a game where the developers probably didn't want to try too much. By that they designed the game to be carried by the plot and the characters while game play itself is simple. It would have been more impressive if it was a game for the original Xbox.

It is a small game world, most of it takes place in two towns and the land between the two. Mostly rocky areas that divide everything into various sections.
In fact you can race from one end of this area to the other in just a few minutes. There is only two other areas in the game that require loading times and one is the finale of the ga...


GUN (Insert "Yee-Haw" Where Appropriate)

The good:

- Superbly realised world
- Fantastic pace: you choose how frantic it gets
- Brilliant graphics with only occasional slowdown
- Wide variety of killing tools
- Quickdraw targetting system or basic point-and-shoot
- So many things to do and see!
- Interesting story mode
- Totally immersive and entertaining for weeks
- Music, voices and sound effects all spot-on

The bad:

- Possible to lose hours without realising it
- Environment not as big as some other free-roaming games
- Lack of multiplayer showdowns


For those of us who question the morality of Grand Theft Auto games, GUN is here to provide all the best bits of the experience with no loss on the part of the gameplay. In the modern world crime, murder, arson, drug dealing and whores are all too real and all too illegal to be encouraged by a game. However, in the Wild West of the 1880s, they were commonplace, and therefore GUN can excuse itself for being "historically accurate" rather than "stupidly lawbreaking".

Besides, the hero of GUN is often encouraged to work alongside local law enforcement, not murder them as you are in Grand Theft ...

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