Gun: Showdown (Xbox 360) Cheats

Gun: Showdown cheats, Achievements, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
The Hunt Complete (5)Progress through 'The Hunt' level on any difficulty.
Steamboat Massacre Complete (15)Progress through the 'Steamboat Massacre' level on any difficulty.
Honest Tom Complete (5)Progress through the 'Honest Tom' level on any difficulty.
The Red Hand Gang Complete (20)Progress through the 'The Red Hand Gang' level on any difficulty.
Quick Killer Complete (15)Progress through the 'Quick Killer' level on any difficulty.
Stage Coach Complete (20)Progress through the 'Stage Coach' level on any difficulty.
Law and Order Complete (20)Progress through the 'Law and Order' level on any difficulty.
Escape From Jail Complete (15)Progress through the 'Escape From Jail' level on any difficulty.
Ambush the Train Complete (20)Progress through the 'Ambush the Train' level on any difficulty.
Defend the Hideout Complete (20)Progress through the 'Defend the Hideout' level on any difficulty.
Take Down Hoodoo Complete (20)Progress through the 'Take Down Hoodoo' level on any difficulty.
Save Soapy Complete (20)Progress through the 'Save Soapy' level on any difficulty.
Hollister's Fort Complete (20)Progress through the 'Hollister's Fort' level on any difficulty.
Attack the Fort Complete (20)Progress through the 'Attack the Fort' level on any difficulty.
Battle at the Steamboat Complete (20)Progress through the 'Battle at the Steamboat' level on any difficulty.
Across The Badlands Complete (25)Progress through the 'Across The Badlands' level on any difficulty.
Escape the Ambush Complete (50)Progress through the 'Escape the Ambush' level on any difficulty.
Magruder's Mine Complete (70)Progress through the 'Magruder's Mine' level on any difficulty.
Keeper of the Peace (40)Find and complete the 'Keep the Peace' side mission.
Card Shark (40)Win the Texas Holdem Tournament side mission.
Professional Postman (40)Find and complete all of the Pony Express side missions.
The Unrivaled Horseman (40)Find and complete all of the Horse Challenges.
Professional Prospector (40)Mine every gold ingot in the West..
The Greatest Hunter (40)Find and complete all of the Hunting side missions.
Bounty Hunter (40)Find and complete all of the Bounty Hunter side missions.
Every upgrade collected. (40)Collect every upgrade in the game.
Every weapon collected. (40)Collect every weapon in the game.
Easy Difficulty Complete (10)Complete the game on the Easy difficulty.
Normal Difficulty Complete (30)Complete the game on the Normal difficulty.
Hard Difficulty Complete (70)Complete the game on the Hard difficulty.
Insane Difficulty Complete (130)Complete the game on the Insane difficulty.


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Beating Magruder
Ithe last level, you trace Magruder down to the end of the mine and must face him there. The millions of gold things in the room are pretty, but don't get distracted. He has the other part of the puzzle you are trying to solve. Pay attention. The biggest problem is: BULLETS CANNOT KILL HIM! Repeat, BULLETS CANNOT KILL HIM! He has an armor torso on and it makes him bulletproof. You can shoot him in the head, but it stuns him for a few seconds. You may think this is the end of the world, but it's not my friends, it's not.

Well, step 1 is what you need to kill him, since bullets won't work. Shoot him in the head to stun him, the throw dynamite at him. This part takes timing and coordination. Throw it, then go into Quickdraw when the dynamite is halfway to him. When it almost hits him, shoot him and it will blow up. This will take good bits of damage off of him. But please, try not to get shot by his shoutgun! It takes off a lot of damage to you, and he does it quick.
Story Mode Unlockables
Reed's horse and Magruder's Cannon Nock gun - Get 100% completion in the Story Mode.
Magruder's seven barrel Nock gun - Successfully complete the Story Mode.


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Unlockable Weapons
.69 Ferguson Rifle - Defeat Hollister
Apache Shirt - Successfully complete the Hunting Missions
Dual Peacemakers - Defeat Reed
Magruder's Seven Barrel Nock gun - Successfully complete Story Mode
Silver Spurs - Successfully complete the Pony Express Missions