Gun: Showdown (PS2) Cheats

Gun: Showdown cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Fastest horse and most powerful weapon
UnlockableHow to unlock
Reed's HorseBeat the game and all side missions.
Cannon Nock GunBeat the game and all side missions.


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Best gun to defeat Magruder
Remington,Sharps 1874,or Ferguson.69
Gun even better than the Nock
The Cannon Nock gun. A cannon with the size and shape of a shotgun!!!

Beat the game at 100% completion to get this nasty weapon
Hidden ammo
If you go into the mine located in the badlands, you will find tnt (and lots of gold), now take the gold out to the nearby house's chimney.Set the barrel down and back up to shoot the barrel.After successfully hitting the tnt barrel you can jump into a hole that holds ammo for every type of weapon in the game!
Hunting Game
If you happen to miss a mark when hunting game, you can always depart for other areas and force the game to respawn the target upon your return. Try not to miss the next time around.
Quarry Respawn
If you scared off the quarry in the Hunt side-missions, just remember where it was and go to the nearest trader. After you talk to him and return to where the animal disappeared, it will be there again.
Ride Faster
Hold Dash while constantly jumping your horse to maintain a speed about twice as much as the normal speed.
Unlock These Items
To get the .69 Ferguson Rifle, you must defeat Hollister.

To get the Apache Shirt, you must successfully complete the Hunting missions.

To get the Cavalry Sword, you must defeat Reed.

To get the Silver Spurs, you must successfully complete the Pony Express missions.


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gun glitch in devils canyon
if you go to devils canyon and go right you will see a gold peice to your left if you go up on the ledge next to on your right will be a house and a big shed thing if you go back some you will see the ledge it has a gold piece on it if you go up there you can run straight through your horse like its a ghost!!!!!!
Killing Reed's Horse
Get the horse back in a corner and mele him for about 5 minutes, if you check his health it will slowly decrease, keep it up till he dies!


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A Hole In The Wall 2
In Dodge City go over the lower part of the bridge and follow the path on the other side to the beach cave. Inside is some ammo, money, and life pick-up which often respawn when you leave and revisit the area.
best gun to unlock
defeat magruder to unlock the nock gun (a seven barreled shotgun with deadly fire power and incredible stoping power).
Free Whiskey
Go to the bridge over at Dodge and go to the bottom by the river. Follow the river (leftwards) until you come to a little cavern. Inside are several whiskey bottles that respawn when you recycle the map.