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The Good Guitar Heroes Got This Game!

The good:

There are just three words I have to describe the awesomeness of this game: drums and vocals. Although I thought the first kit was faulty (mine broke within one month), when the second kit (the Band Hero/Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock kit), I thought that one was better. Nonetheless, the guitar, drums, and microphone all functioned greatly!

Overall, I liked the depth of the game that it had over Rock Band; Rock Band didn't have the option for users to create their own songs and share it with other users of their own system all around the world. Rock Band didn't have guest appearances by celebrity artists and bands. Rock Band wasn't first, GUITAR HERO WAS!!

About the notes and the gameplay;
The guitar graphics and the actual gameplay itself is pretty good. For guitar, you have to match the notes that scroll down the highway, and strum on the guitar to the rhythm of the game. Pretty simple, right? Well, then there's drums and vocals. With drums, you have to hit the pads in time to the song as the gems are scrolling down the highway. Sometimes the notes are topped with silver; those are accents, and if you hit the notes a little bit harder, you'll get some extra points. Now there's a nice bonus right there! Now onto vocals; all you have to do is match the pitch in which the singer sings, and if you do well, you'll be awarded with points, and even some Star Power depending on how well you nail the phrase.

The band gameplay was okay too; depending on how many notes you get in a streak depends on how many notes the band hits. If there are two people in a band, it takes two notes on either instrument to raise the streak by 1. If the streak reaches a certain level, you will be awarded some extra points upon raising the band streak by 1 (it's doubled if two people have Star Power active). For the game's Star Power functionality, you can now nail Star Power Phrases while Star Power is active, which is a major improvement for the series, right next to squeezing Star Power phrases in the first 4 games.

The bad:

I was kind of lying about the microphone functioning "greatly". It might have worked out for some, but the delay between the microphone and the game's voice detection was downright horrible! Which is why I switched to Warriors of Rock, because of its improved voice detection, graphics, and setlist. Although... I still play Guitar Hero III for the PS2.


Many people think that this was the worst game in the franchise. While I can personally agree with them, I can't, because it has many of my favorite bands available not only on the disc's setlist, but also as downloadable content for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC (I'm presuming). "Tool" for one, I've been listening to for almost 10 years! I'm glad they made it onto at least one Guitar Hero game, now I'd like to see them on another! Anyway, "System of a Down" is another one of those bands that I've been listening to for a little while, as well as (this is interesting) R.E.M., The Devil Wear...


Rockout In Your Living Room

The good:

Guitar Hero: World Tour has been a step up from Guitar Hero 3 for me. The game is very enjoyable to play, and very rarely bores me.

  • If you are a fan of music, you'll enjoy this game a lot as it has some absolutely awesome tracks available to play.

  • The main difference between this game and Guitar Hero 3 is the fact that it's not only guitar this year, but also drums and vocals have been added from the previous edition of the game. All instruments are enjoyable to play, and you have the option of choosing between the three which is a nice addition.

  • This game offers hours and hours of play-time, with very little boredom. If you like the tracks which feature on the game, I'd definitely recommend you give this one a look as it'll get you into these tracks and bands even more. There will possibly even be songs that you've never heard of before, but you needn't worry. Guitar Hero has the ability to make you like ANY track at all, which is another really good thing about the game.

  • As silly as it may sound, using the guitar controller could help you learn a bit about real guitar if you were ever interested in learning. Obviously this game won't learn you chords and tabs, but it'll most probably increase your speed as you continue to play along with it. The drums would the right instrument that you'd improve through playing this game. And obviously practicing vocals wouldn't do you any harm either.

  • You can show off your skills online against others around the globe, or you could even create a band with up to 4 members, as well as yourself. A guitarist, vocalist, bassist and drummer will all be involved in the online bands. It's nice to have in the game and it'll make you feel like you're in a real band at times, and drift you away from reality!

  • The game features some real-life rockers throughout the career mode, and it's something worth taking a look at. The graphics have taken a step forward from the previous game so these rockers look pretty good.

  • In career mode you can create your own rocker, and set up the style of his clothes and how his/her instruments look also.

  • There is a lot of downloadable content for this time, so if you ever get bored of the tracks on here, you can take a look at the marketplace and download some of the latest downloading material.

The bad:

As much as I do enjoy the game, there can be times when it would annoy me, and would probably annoy you just as well. I'd give it a higher rating only for these flaws:

  • The graphics have taken a step forward from Guitar Hero 3, but at the same time they're still not very good. A lot better than previous years but still not as good as you might like. But I suppose it's all about playing the instruments, and not enjoying the graphics.

  • Downloadable content can be quite annoying for me as when you buy the game and controllers, it comes as quite expensive already, without having to buy these extra tunes online. It's something that really bugs me about it. If the game is as expensive as it is, when they release new songs they should just come for free in my opinion.

  • Obviously the price of the game is a flaw as it's a lot more expensive than your ordinary Xbox game, with the instruments. But once you get past this, it doesn't come as an issue for you anymore as you can use these controllers for all Guitar Hero games. So therefore, if you bought a new one it'll just be the price of an ordinary game.

  • For me, the tunes on Guitar Hero 3 appear to be better than this series. Although some of this game are very good, GH3 had a wider variety of really really cracking songs for me. The likes of Knights Of Cydonia I would have preferred to appear on this game, rather than 3.


Being a bit of a newcomer to Guitar Hero, this is the first one of the set of games that I bought. I had got a loan of Guitar Hero 3 from a friend, and I loved it so thought it'd be a good idea to get the new one when it came out. I've had the game since Christmas and it's yet to get old for me and I can't really see it getting old any time soon really.

There aren't many differences in the guitar to number three but I wouldn't have thought there needed to be many changes anyway, as the third game is just as enjoyable as this. I'd like to comment on the drums as well as they are a new additio...


Perfection or Pitiful?


Among many avid fans of Guitar Hero, I was happy to receive my first Guitar Hero for Wii: Guitar Hero III. I found this game amazing, but the sensation of playing Guitar Hero: World Tour (I'll refer to it now as GH4.) was rather disappointing. I felt as if I was in a dream of a new guitar hero, with gaps in the game and not a long-lasting appeal to it.

The concept of the game still stays the same; hit different colored notes on the screen that match your guitar peripheral. But this game adds a new touch to it, by adding 2 new instruments (the drums and the vocals) to the game (possibly to co...


A Valid Attempt At A Full Band Game


Ah, Guitar Hero: World Tour. The most fun I've had playing a rythym game in a long time. Needless to say, I love this game however it does have many negative points to it. I'm not going to go on about how good the music and/or graphics are or aren't (the prior is down to personal taste, and the latter doesn't make a difference in this type of game), but what I am going to do is praise that which is good (and there's lots of it) and berate that which is bad (a lot of this exists as well).

Might as well get the bad things out of the way first. I'll sum up my biggest quarm with this game in fou...


World Tour is World Class


Ok, so this game is not by any means perfect and it does have one or two flaws here and there which I'm going to pick at as little as possible. So to start with, for those who don't know, Guitar Hero is a game where you play imitation instruments in time to the notes on the screen. In classic Guitar Hero games, it was just the guitar, but this time they've added a touch sensitive slider, a drum kit and a microphone.

The Guitar & Bass
For the most part, this is the same as the previous Guitar Hero games, but with a couple of noticeable differences. The first one is that they have added beginne...


Feels like a step back


As a music lover, it is to be expected that I drool my own juice when you stick a guitar, drumstick or microphone in my hand, so naturally after hearing that my brother bought guitar hero out of the blue I decided to change my underwear, albeit only after I had played for a while so the brief euphoria could end. Instead, I promptly found my underwear cleaning itself as an apology for being a bit too optimistic.

Let us not kid ourselves, the most important thing about a rhythm game is the music. You could have the most intuitive system in the history of awesome, but if you have tracks like Ba...

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