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The Good Guitar Heroes Also Got This Game!

The good:

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock; the last game of its kind. It is also the best in my opinion, because of not just its improved gameplay and inclusion of Gene Simmons of KISS as the narrator, but also because of the improved mechanics of the game. The new Warrior system, Quickplay+, social network compatibility, etc. It was all in this very game. The setlist, in my opinion, was the greatest out of all of them; Them Crooked Vultures, Slipknot, DragonForce, John 5, AFI, and other associated acts make the scene, as well as returning DLC and imports! Songs from the past games (up to World Tour) can be imported into GH: WoR with a code on the back of the manual, and a one-time fee. If you got the code on a past game relative to purchasing GH: WoR, you don't get to pay the fee or enter the code again; it's all loaded for you to rock to.

It's the same Guitar Hero 5 style gameplay. You pick a song, set your difficulty and then start playing along. Music notes move along a bar and you hit the corresponding buttons as they pass the indicated mark, which vary depending on the difficulty you picked for it. Play well and you gain bonuses, but miss notes and you'll suffer, with the end result being losing if you miss too many.

However, what Warriors of Rock brings is new songs and mechanics. Bass guitars now have extended open sustains, vocals have full Star Power phrases, drums now have the ability to be played with electronic drum sets via the MIDI ports on the bottom of the new GH: WoR drum brain, which is removable, and guitar is now harder than ever! More songs are a lot harder on guitar than on bass, and brand new trophies will have you playing this forever. Vocals have definitely improved from Guitar Hero: World Tour, and DLC has dramatically improved.

What Guitar Hero is all about, this setlist is definitely the best in my opinion. For a great stroke of relief, it's great to know DragonForce is back, and so are returning bands like Slipknot, Muse, An Endless Sporadic (DLC), Megadeth (disc and DLC), and new bands and acts, like Them Crooked Vultures, John 5, Steve Vai, Bad Brains, Twisted Sister, etc.

The game includes a brand-new Quest Mode, in which the player follows the story of the Demigod of Rock.
Battling "The Beast", the Demigod (voiced by KISS front-man Gene Simmons) is defeated, his "...guitar trapped in a cavern deep, and forboding..." and Guitar Hero characters "transforming". Ever heard that term in Guitar Hero before? The characters, thanks to the powers of the Demigod, earn new powers, and have their appearance changed into a more brutal, malicious form.

When the Warriors reach the Legendary Guitar, we get none other than Rush's "2112" in all its entirety, and even voiced by the members of Rush. It seems that when Rush came up with 2112, they got some inspiration from a certain Ayn Rand novel.

Then, in an epic battle against the beast, the eight warriors separate into two different bands, and perform two different songs, each by Megadeth, and when that's done, the Demigod is freed. He receives his Legendary Guitar, and the song we get is a song written specifically for the game, by none other than Megadeth's front-man Dave Mustaine. "Sudden Death" awaits not only our ears and hands (and feet), but also for the Beast.

The bad:

The only bad thing I need to point out is that Guitar Hero III is not available for importation into GH: WoR. Sorry, but you'll either need to buy GH3, or Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (Greatest Hits in Europe and other countries) if you wanna play Through the Fire and Flames again. Also, 2 months after this game released, Guns 'n Roses front-man Axl Rose filed suit against Activision Blizzard for $20 million. THAT'S the reason why Activision is on "hiatus".


I hope that Guitar Hero can carry on, and not lose to some whiny douchebag who deserves to give Slash, who represents a Guitar Hero game, a punch in the chest. Being the "guitar hero" that he is, Slash plays Guitar Hero sufficiently well. I believe he's going to support Activision Blizzard and not the whiny douchebag (Rose).

Anyway, this in my opinion, is the second-greatest game in the series; GH3 is only a notch above the rest. I think this because not only does the game aesthetically please the masses visually and loudly, it also brings a certain appeal and soul back to the game and the s...

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