Guitar Hero: On Tour review
Can Hurt Guitar Hero's Reputation In General.

The good:

- Interesting Port To A Portable Console.
- Good Graphics.
- Awesome Music (of course!)
- Unlockable Content.
- Uses All The DS Features.
- External Personalization... In A Way.

The bad:

- Very Hard To Find An Appropriate Pose To Play The Game.
- You MUST use The "Guitar" To Play The game.
- Only Four Button On The "Guitar".
- Very easy to beat the songs.
- Too Much Use Of The Touchscreen.


Okay, I have always liked Guitar Hero games, but this one is a huge disappointment. I was very excited when I got it for the first time, but after I played it, I just started to play Guitar Hero III again.

While it is an awful game however, it does have good points.

To be ported from a home system to a console system, it is very good, but it is still pretty much horrible (and I will say why in a sec, let me talk about the positives first ). I never dreamed it could happen, but they ported it very well. They made a so called "guitar" that works just like the guitar in home consoles GH games, except it only has 4 buttons instead of 5. This small guitar thingy emulator comes with a "pic" stylus, that you use to slide it across the screen. Also, this game comes with two bases for the guitar: if you play your classic first generation DS, you will to change the base of the "guitar", so it fits on your DS. If you have a DS Lite, then you don't need to change bases. Unfortunately, the base changing process requires the use of an screwdriver, so many younger players will need to ask their parents for help.

Guitar Hero On Tour's "Guitar"
This is what you use to emulate a guitar on the Guitar Hero DS games. It does look like a nifty device and very fun to use, but it has many downsides.

This game has good graphics, or at least graphics that are good enough for the DS. The only problem with them is that sometimes they are so small (the characters, in particular) that you will end have having a headache or something. The buttons of the guitar on the screen are very simple and are big enough, but their motions (from top to bottom) can seriously cause you a seizure if you have a weak stomach, and that doesn't happen in other Guitar Hero games because the graphics are overall bigger. There is no rant with this graphics, they were very good, but they could have been a lot better.

Obviously, I'm sure it wouldn't be appropriate to say that the music on this game is awful. Guitar Hero games always have all sort of music genres so everyone can enjoy Guitar Hero games equally. Personally, I think this game has a lot of awesome music. There is a wide array of different group featured on this game that is is just impossible not to find a song a you will like. The music in the menu randomly plays one of the songs in the game.

Like the other Guitar Hero games, you can unlock a lot of things on this one. That includes characters, outfits, and songs. The method to unlock them varies depending on the item. The only negative side is that there is less things to unlock than in an overall home console Guitar Hero game.

This game uses all the DS features: from the microphone to the touchscreen. To use your star power, you gotta scream like a real rocker and make sure the DS mic is close to you. You may wonder though, "what the heck should I do if I am in a restaurant playing Guitar Hero and I want to use my Star Power?". Simply, you can just blow into the mic, or press ANY button in the DS (except start, select, and the power button), with that it is safe to use your star power regardless of where you are (although, you may want to be careful with the noise of the restaurant, because for what I have see, the mic is ridiculously sensitive to any incoming noise). Also, you make the strums of the guitar by using the touchscreen. This has negative points too though (more about that in the negatives section).

While this game is not fully customizable, you can at least change the look of your "guitar" by just taking out the paper inside. You can make your own styles in the computer "Photoshop, Paint, a picture, anything!) and then just print them and use them. This does nothing for the game, but it is a cool small nice feature this game has.

Now, going on to the negative points, ALL of them did hurt the score of this game hard. This points show that Videogame Companies should be more careful when it comes to innovation.

Firstly, I HAVE to mention the fact that it is almost impossible to find a good position to play the game with. What is me, I can't find a good position yet, and I have owned this game for about two good months. All the positions I have tried failed miserably. All of the positions I have tried caused pain on my arms and on my neck, leaving me 15 minutes of good rest after every song. This is what I would call a huge downside in a videogame. Probably the biggest disadvantage I have seen on videogames so far. If you find a position that is comfortable to you, then you sure should consider to share it with a lot of people.

Now, unlikely other GH games (where you could use the controller buttons in case you didn't have the guitar for whatever reason), you MUST use the guitar apparatus to play the game. I'm sure I would have liked to press the guitar buttons in the touchscreen rather than torturing my own body to get some enjoyment.

It also has only four buttons in the so called guitar. It's more like a bass. This made the game incredibly easy even in Expert Difficulty. When I saw it only had four buttons, I started to play in expert (never played any other difficulty on this GH game), and 20% of the songs I played that day got 100% on the first try. This fights the purpose of any other GH game, which usually gives you good fun while trying to figure out the method to beat the hardest songs and feel like a real guitar hero.

Finally, I have to say it uses the touchscreen too much to the point the screen protectors start to fail at their job. Thanks god I played it on my normal white DS Lite instead of on my Zelda edition one. That toushcreen is pretty much scratched, and it had a good quality protector. All thanks to this game.

End Line

Don't buy this game. It is a complete waste of money. It is not even fun, and you will only kill your DS and some body parts.

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