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Can Hurt Guitar Hero's Reputation In General.

The good:

- Interesting Port To A Portable Console.
- Good Graphics.
- Awesome Music (of course!)
- Unlockable Content.
- Uses All The DS Features.
- External Personalization... In A Way.

The bad:

- Very Hard To Find An Appropriate Pose To Play The Game.
- You MUST use The "Guitar" To Play The game.
- Only Four Button On The "Guitar".
- Very easy to beat the songs.
- Too Much Use Of The Touchscreen.


Okay, I have always liked Guitar Hero games, but this one is a huge disappointment. I was very excited when I got it for the first time, but after I played it, I just started to play Guitar Hero III again.

While it is an awful game however, it does have good points.

To be ported from a home system to a console system, it is very good, but it is still pretty much horrible (and I will say why in a sec, let me talk about the positives first ). I never dreamed it could happen, but they ported it very well. They made a so called "guitar" that works just like the guitar in home consoles GH games, e...


Guitar Hero on Tour: Bringing the rockstar experience to your DS


It is a strange concept to anyone that Guitar Hero could possibly be on the DS. But you soon realize that it was a good idea. The overall method of game play is good, and its a nice idea that lets you bring Guitar Hero on the road with you.

What the bundle includes:
The game
The Guitar Grip
Two sheets of stickers
A guitar pick stylus
An Adaptor for the Original DS

The Guitar Grip:
You cant play the game without this little device. The Guitar Grip fits into the GBA slot on your DS. When you first open up the box, the Guitar Grip is set up for use on the DS Lite. If you have an Original D...


Guitar Hero's transition to the Nintendo DS was a success!


Guitar Hero: On Tour (Nintendo DS)

When Guitar Hero makes a transition to the DS, what comes into your head? Immediately I was skeptical. How could the famed console series work on a handheld?

When I returned from the store with my Guitar Hero: On Tour package, there were multiple items inside. There was the Guitar Grip with a pick stylus inside, which I will explain soon. Two small sticker sheets, an adapter that makes the Guitar Grip compatible on the original Nintendo DS, the game manual, and the instructions booklet are all included in the package. I'm not sure if you will receive this ...

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