Guitar Hero: Metallica review
For All You Kirk Hammett Wannabes!

The good:

This game has a lot of good and very little bad. I, myself find it very enjoyable to play non-stop. It doesn't really get old for me, although the game is only out a short period of time.

  • If you're a fan of Metallica, then this is a game you will want to purchase very shortly. Some of the songs on it are just phenomenal to play, and as the career goes on, it really begins to challenge you with more difficult Metallica tunes.

  • Then again, if you are not a Metallica fan, you needn't worry. I bought this game only being fond of a few songs by the band, but once you get into it, this game will make you like, or love the band a lot more than you already do. I've now got all of their albums due to playing this game.

  • A lot of Metallica's earlier tunes feature on the game if you prefer their older stuff. Death Magnetic is also available to download online.

  • If you are experienced from previous Guitar Hero games and find it isn't as tough as it use to be, you can pick up this game for a much more difficult challenge. Just imagine playing a regular Guitar Hero game, and struggling on the toughest songs on the game. Well on this, almost every song is that tough!

  • The career mode is quite challenging, and similar to other Guitar Hero careers, with not much of a twist. From the early stages, it'll give you easier songs than towards the end where you'll come across songs like One and Seek & Destroy.

  • The band members also feature on the game for every time you perform a Metallica song. Their graphics are better to previous Guitar Hero games in my own personal opinion, and gives it a little more realism about it. You can also create your own rocker for your career mode to play along with Metallica and a tribute band.

  • Metallica may be the main band, but they are not the only band to feature on the game. Other bands including Machine Head, Motörhead, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, System Of A Down and also a few others feature on the game also, with some nice tunes.

  • Once you've started to master the guitar/drums/vocals, you can show off your skills online against the best players on the console. Or you can just play against friends, and earn yourself some bragging rights for passing songs more successfully than them.

The bad:

The good of the game would outshine the bad, but there are a few things that could annoy you about the game.

  • If you are finding some songs difficult, it can cause you to get really annoyed with the game itself and it just leads you to turning the console off. It doesn't happen very often but when it does, it can be extremely annoying.

  • The game is quite expensive if you are a first time Guitar Hero buyer as you will have to buy all or some of the instruments with it like the guitar, drum set and microphone. But once you get that sorted, this instruments can be used in every Guitar Hero edition, as well as Rock Band.

  • With the price of the game, you are expecting all of your favourite songs on the game already. But unfortunately that isn't fully the case. If you want their new album (bar the song All Nightmare Long which is already a song featured on the game), you will have to buy it online. This annoys me most about the game because you are already paying a lot of cash for the instruments as well as the game, and you still have to pay money to get some of the tracks you were hoping were originally on the game.


I purchased this game myself around two weeks back and every time I've switched it on, I've found it just as enjoyable as the last. I've found that the game itself has made me like Metallica a lot more than I once did, and it's very easy to get use to a song using Guitar Hero. I don't know what it is about it, but it seems so much easier to like a song playing it through this game. That's mainly the reason I got it to be honest, I really wanted to get use to them and thought once the game came out that it would be the best method, and it certainly works I must say.

There are songs I would have hoped featured on the game before downloadable content from their latest album 'Death Magnetic'. Songs like The Day That Never Comes and The Unforgiven III would have been nice to see on the original game. The fact I haven't got Xbox Live anymore can be an issue as I can't get the songs for myself. But if you've got Xbox Live yourself, all it takes is some microsoft points and the songs should be yours.

There are songs I've still yet to play also, but what I have played tend to be tricky. There hasn't exactly been an easy song I've come across, though I've been playing on Expert lately and it's getting tough on this Guitar Hero game. There are certain songs that seem impossible at times for me. Songs such as One, All Nightmare Long, Master of Puppets and Seek & Destroy are all really challenging songs if you're up for a challenge. You'd probably know just by listening to the MP3 of them songs that they would be rather challenging. But in all fairness, every song on this game is a challenge!

One thing I really enjoyed about the game is that I heard a tune on it that I knew for years, but never knew the name. It's always nice to find out the name of a song you onced loved, as then you can get to know it a bit more. The song I found out the name of was Tuesday's Gone, by Lynyrd Skynyrd. That would be one of the most enjoyable songs to play on the game for me, and it isn't really as tricky as the likes of All Nightmare Long, so you don't have to bust your gut to play it on the guitar.

At the moment, I've only got the guitar controller and the microphone, so I can't really comment on the drums as much as I should. I'd like to get a hold of a drum controller for the game as a lot of Lars Ulrich's drumming would come as challenging as James Hetfield's or Kirk Hammett's guitar solos. But if you do happen to buy the game with the drums, you will most probably find it a lot more enjoyable than I do. And I already find it extremely enjoyable, with endless fun.

My favourite song to play on the game would be Nothing Else Matters from 'The Black Album/Metallica'. It'd be one of their most famous and I don't know what it is about it, but it's just extremely good to play. And using star power on the solo can be insanely good too! Other songs such as Sad But True, The Unforgiven, The Memory Remains and One are all extremely fun to have a go at. But saying that, every song that features on it is rather fun to play.

When I got the game I didn't think the guest band's songs would be good, but there are some really good ones on there. My favourite being Tuesday's Gone because I only recently found out the name of it, but Toxicity by System Of A Down is also great to play along to.

Whether you a guitar player, a metal fan, or a person who just loves guitar, you should really consider buying this game, or even looking towards trying the demo which is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace now. This game is sure to give you hours and hours of fun, and doesn't really tend to get boring. See for yourself, purchase it today!

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