Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock review
Has the series been perfected?

The good:

Amazing hammer-ons and pull-offs.
Wireless guitar controller included.
Great song list.
Replay value is high.

The bad:

Nothing really.


With the Guitar Hero series more popular than ever, Guitar Hero III has a lot to live up too. Its predecessor's have grabbed many a people's attention, and it will not let go. Can GH3 keep the hype alive?

Something that Red Octane has been good about is song selection. This time around, they have brought a better group of songs than ever seen before. A lot more of them, too. You can play many hits such as, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Slow Ride, School's Out, Mississippi Queen, and many more. The set list is stacked with many songs, as well as the bonus songs list. To unlock the bonus songs, you must complete career mode, and purchase them through the in game store with your earnings from career mode. There is also Downloadable Content (DLC) which you can purchase from Xbox Live Marketplace. With DLC, the fun goes on forever!

In career mode, you take the role of an amateur guitar player who is out to make it big. You begin playing small gigs, and work your way to fame and riches. Something new in this game are Guitar Battles. In these battles, you play the selected song, but there is a special twist. Instead of using star power, you get something called battle power. What this does is give you a randomly selected power up that increases the difficulty in your opponent's song. There is broken string, which requires your opponent to press down on a certain fret many times before they may begin playing again, amp overload, which distorts your opponents screen, and more. In career mode, there are multiple guitar battles.

Some other game modes are Quick Play in which you just play songs, co-op career, where you play career mode with a friend. Some more modes are Training, where you play songs without failing, and Xbox Live, where you take people on around the world. On Xbox Live, you can search for players playing various modes. You select your character and guitar, and then the difficulty that you want to play at. Then, you select a song, and your opponent selects one. You get to play both songs, but the order in which you play them is random.

The controls are sharper than ever. The hammer-one and pull-offs are more fun, and accurate than ever, making songs more fun to play. The songs are also more challenging than the previous games, giving you much to work on. Ah, it just does not get much better than this.

One of the greatest things about this new game is that it comes with a beautiful new, wireless guitar. It is very light, and feels better than the previous models.

Guitar Hero III, is like going from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater to Skate. The game feels so perfect. The controls are better than ever, the songs are great, and there isn't much to complain about, if anything.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock scores an amazing 10 out of 10.

Don't waste your time playing other games, get GH3 right now!

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