Guilty Gear X2 review
Well, what can I say, Sammy rocks at fighters.

The good:

The original characters, good difficulty, extra fighters, extra mode, SP and EX versions, some story mode stories.

The bad:

It's difficult(some story and misson mode(all) and I can only find a rental. It is discontinued.


I really don't know where to start, this game rivals street fighter 2(the best fighting game and definer of the genre.) The characters are all origional(from your basic tough guy to a person infected by a mind parasite.) and are evenly balanced(except for a handful.) This game has everything a 2-d fighting fan could want and then some, there is a master of medal mode(M.O.M.), which mimics survival, then there is the survival mode which is very tough.(you earn EX fighters from it every ten rounds.) It also has the obligatory versus and arcade mode. The only complaint I have really is the training is somewhat bearbones movelist things, but that can be solved by setting the dummy to computer control.) You will be hard pressed to find it but if you do and have $20 get it without a thought.

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