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Guilty Gear X2 review
Most Awesome Game Ever (GGX2)

The good:

They have a better story line, better graphics, they have their own voices and moves are so good. They couldn't have made a better game than this one.

The bad:

It only has one problem; they don't show all the moves in the game.


There's no question that this game is good. It's way better than what I had expected. All the characters have great special moves. I have most of the mission levels completed. Gold Sol is quite impressive and difficult to beat, just like when you play as potemkin, for some reason Sol always ends up beating me very very badly. I have played Guilty Gear one and I know number two is better and the music is so cool. If somebody knows how to do Dizzy's special move; the one that has the 80 hits or more combo. I have tried everything and I still don't know how to do it. If somebody knows how to do it, could you please inform me on how to do it!

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