Guilty Gear X2 review

The good:

incredibly difficult to master, eye candy galore, great original japanese voice acting, creative character designs and fighting styles,

The bad:

For the first time ever in one of my reviews, I can honestly answer this portion with "nothing." Nothing at all.


This is BY FAR the greatest fighting game ever made. No other title can offer such depth in gameplay, such captivating characters, such mesmerizing graphics, or such a intricate plotline. Guilty Gear X2 takes fighting games to a whole new level. Unlike the majority of the genre, it has a life span of over ten minutes. Even on Beginner, the lowest of six difficulty levels, no gamer will be able blow through the Arcade Mode the first time picking up the controller. It takes an unbelievable amount of practice to master a character--And there is such an array to choose from you'll take the time to master several! A vampire descendent of Nosferatu, a cross-dressing bounty hunter, a civilian inhabited with a malicious spirit, an 80's rocker trapped in a endless time loop, a blonde assassin whom attacks with her hair, a mad doctor with a paper bag over his head: these are just six of the twenty mind-blowing cast members (excluding three secret unlockable characters), each with three different paths to their story mode. Even after you've completed that, there's still Survival Mode, M.O.M. Mode, and the nearly impossible Mission Mode! GGX2 seriously lasts FOREVER.

If one fighting game is ever worth buying, it's Guilty Gear X2.

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