Guilty Gear X2 Cheats

Guilty Gear X2 cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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Alternate Arcade and MOM Modes
On the main menu, hold down L2 while selecting Arcade or MOM modes to fight against EX characters; hold down L1 to fight against Gold characters. Robo Ky, Kliff, and Justice will also appear as opponents.
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Alternate Victory Pose
Hold Punch, Kick, or Slash as soon as you beat your opponent. Be aware that not every character has a full set of poses.

Dialogue Select
Hold Punch, Kick, or Slash as soon as the versus screen disappears, but before the actual stage loads.

Faster Credits
Hold Punch, Kick, or Slash during the credits sequence.
okay go to story mode but, before you select a character hold onto select and press triangle. Then, your character should be golden and invincible. This will NOT work if you are Sol or CHipp and i dont know why...enjoy
Unlock Robo-Ky, Kliff and Justice

  • Defeat them in Survival mode, they appear at levels 210, 220 and 230.


  • Complete all endings in Story mode.


  • Complete 40 missions in mission mode.
  • (1.3935/d/web2)