Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

Walkthrough Title Date/Author
General FAQs/Guides
(Import) Complete FAQ (DC) Jan 6, 2001
The KiD
(Import) FAQ and General Battle Guide (DC) Jan 23, 2001
(Import) FAQ/Move Guide (DC) Jan 22, 2001
Paul Wright
(Import) FAQ/Move List (DC) Feb 20, 2002
(Import) Manual (DC) Jan 2, 2001
Ben Cureton
(Import) Millia Rage Guide (DC) Jan 9, 2001
H Bomb
(Import) Move List FAQ (DC) Dec 29, 2000
(Import) Sol Badguy Strategy Guide Beta (DC) Feb 19, 2001
Giles Gaffney
(Import) Speech Translation FAQ (DC) Mar 8, 2001
The True Warrior
(Import) Venom Character FAQ (DC) Mar 8, 2001
Christophe Guerin
FAQ/Move List (DC) Oct 16, 2002
FAQ/Move List (DC) Oct 25, 2005
FAQ/Move List (DC) Aug 14, 2002
FAQ/Move List (DC) May 1, 2003
Topic Specific FAQs/Guides
Soundtrack FAQ (DC) Jan 25, 2002
Kenny Tam
Character FAQs/Guides
Chipp Character FAQ (DC) Oct 12, 2001
Big D
Zato-One Character FAQ (DC) Feb 10, 2002
Guilty Gear X Walkthrough Apr 15, 2016
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