Guilty Gear X (Import) (PS2) Cheats

Guilty Gear X (Import) cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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4 Cheats

At the title screen press Down, Right, Right, Up, START.


Defeat the game in Arcade Mode or defeat Testament in Survival Mode.


Defeat Dizzy in Survival Mode.


Defeat Level 100 in Survival Mode.

Guilty Gear X
Hidden fighters:
Press Down, Right(2), Up, Start at the "Press Start" screen to unlock Testament and Dizzy in all game modes. Alternately, successfully complete the game in arcade mode or reach level 20 in survival mode then defeat Testament. Reach level 30 in survival mode and defeat Dizzy to unlock her in all modes.

Guilty Gear mode:
Reach level 100 in survival mode and defeat the last opponent to unlock the Guilty Gear mode option. Alternately, unlock Testament and Dizzy then successfully complete arcade mode without losing any rounds with the time option set at 60 seconds. This may be done with any difficulty and round number setting.

Alternate costumes:
Hold Start, Triangle, or X when selecting a fighter at the character selection screen to choose three alternate costume colors.

Hint: Mecha Ky:
Select Guilty Gear mode and choose Ky at the character selection screen.

Hint: Special attack:
Press Triangle + Square during a match as any character.

Hint: Ki Kiske:
After gaining Guilty Gear mode, Ki Kiske is the only one truly affected. He trips over his words, crawls on the ground, gains a new attack and alters two attacks. The Down, Back + X and Down, Forward + Circle attacks are different. Also, press Forward, Down, Forward + Circle with half a limit bar, he does his combo attack upwards.

Dizzy and Testament
At the Title screen press down,right,right,up, then push start
Getting gold and shadow characters
If you beat survival mode at level 99 you unlock gold versions of each character. If you beat survival mode in under 10 minutes total you unlock the shadows as well.
Gold costume effects:
Damage, defense, and speed are increased.

Shadow costume effects:
Damage, defense, and speed are doubled,
Plus you have an infinite tension gauge, So that's cool and all.

After unlocking the costumes You can select the gold ones by picking a character using the start button. If you have the shadow costumes, holding down that button respectively makes them, well, shadow.