Guilty Gear X2 #Reload review
Guilty of being virtually perfect

The good:

Excellent graphics, sound, music, and controls. Over 20 playable characters. unlockable content. Several unique play modes. Play online via Xbox Live. Bargain bin price.

The bad:

Nothing unless you have a slow online connection, then there will be serious issues with Xbox Live play.


A port from the arcades, Guilty Gear X2 # Reload (Sharp Reload) brings home solid 2D fighting with a cast of rather unusual characters. You've got your typical fighting types (sword-wielding Ky-Kiske, the fiery Sol-Badguy) and some rather off-beat characters (the paper bag-wearing Faust, the rockin' fetish girl I-No, and Millia Rage, who easily would have the Guinness World Record for longest hair if she was a real person...and it's a weapon!) All set in wonderfully rendered environemnts to a rockin' metal soundtrack.
The graphics are nothing short of awesome. Everything is ultra-smooth with lots of detail, and there's an anime-like opening movie when you turn the power on that is absolutely brilliant. You'll see a lot of artwork as well, which looks very realistic and is nice on the eyes. Sounds are arcade-perfect as well, with lots of spoken dialogue (all in Japanese of course) and a hard-rockin' soundtrack that's fun to listen to. Controls are ultra-smooth and easy to pick up; If you're a Street Fighter veteran you'll be right at home.
Gameplay comes locked and loaded-there are many different modes of 1 player play-standard Vs. CPU, Survival, and Mission Mode, to name a few, plus a Story Mode and there's 2-player play as well. There are unlockable movies, characters, and other secrets waiting to be found. You can also play on Xbox Live, which is awesome...unless you or the other player has a slow DSL connection, then at times the gameplay suffers from horrible slowdown to the point that fights become one-sided. But if you're both on 2-3 MB cable hookups, no worries. Single-player's awesome as well with difficulty levels for every level of player, so even a newbie can pick up and play right away.
Unless you're on those slow Net connections for Live gaming, there's only one word for this game: PERFECT! And although it's a little hard to find in stores, the $20 price tag should be incentive enough to get this when you do find it. It may be only a 2D fighter, but it's the best 2D fighter for Xbox out there-get it and Rock on!

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