Guilty Gear Judgment Cheats

Guilty Gear Judgment cheats, and Codes for PSP.


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Alternate Arcade and M.O.M modes
On the main menu, hold down L while selecting Arcade or MOM modes to fight against Gold characters. Robo Ky, Kliff, and Justice will also appear as opponents.
Unlock Judgment in Judgment Mode
To unlock the character Judgment in Judgment (story) mode, get to level 6-1, and find all the letters of Judgment, hidden in various chests scattered throughout the level.
Unlock the 15 other Characters in Story mode
To unlock the 15 other Characters in Story mode do the following:

Anji Mito - Complete Stage 3-2 With Slayer

Axel Low - Complete Stage 3-1 with Chipp Zanuff

Baiken - Complete Stage 2-1 with Millia Rage

Bridget - Complete Stage 2-1 with Ky Kiske

Chipp Zanuff - Complete Stage 2-1 with Sol BadGuy

Dizzy - Camplete Stage 2-1 with May

Eddie - Complete Stage 2-1 with I-NO

Faust - Complete Stage 4-2 with Sol BadGuy

Jam - Complete Stage 4-2 with Potemkin

Johnny - Complete Stage 2-2 with Dizzy

Potemkin - Complete Stage 3-2 with Bridget

Slayer - Complete stage 2-2 with Millia Rage

Testament - Complete Stage 4-2 With May

Venom - Complete Stage 3-1 with Eddie

Zappa - Complete Stage 2-2 with I-NO