Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Cheats

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers cheats, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Guilty Gear Dust Strikers cheat codes.


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Unlock Robo-Ky Techniques
To unlock new skills for Robo-Ky, you must achieve a certain high score in certain minigames. After reaching these high scores, you will be able to access these skills in the RK-Factory.

Aerial Stun Edge - Hit Down (2nd Score: 2000)

Axl Bomber - Yo-yo Polish (2nd Score: 900)

Bargain of Street Meeting - May's Dolphin Show (2nd Score: 2500)

Bellows Mantis - Sword Master (3rd Score: 3500)

Chemical Love - Note Capture (1st Score: 6000)

Do You Want to Suffer? - May's Dolphin Show (1st Score: 3000)

EXE Beast - Balance Game (1st Score: 3000)

Gamma Blade - Balance Game (2nd Score: 2500)

Invite Hell - Note Capture (2nd Score: 5000)

Love - Hit Down (3rd Score: 1500)

Mad Struggle - Hit Down (1st Score: 2500)

Mappa Hanti - Note Capture (3rd Score: 4000)

Phenomenon EX - May's Dolphin Show (3rd Score: 2000)

PotemkinBuster - Yo-yo Polish (3rd Score: 800)

Single Blow of The Reform Venom's - Billiards (3rd Score: 20 Turns)

Sliding Head Venom's - Billiards (2nd Score: 15 Turns)

Starship Venom's - Billiards (1st Score: 10 Turns)

Tandem Top - Yo-yo Polish (1st Score: 1000)

Tyrant Rave Ver.b - Sword Master (2nd Score: 4000)

Whatever is Done. a Fellow No Good is No Good - Sword Master (1st Score: 4500)