Guild Wars 2 review
The Perfect MMO

The good:

tight controls
customizable controls
customizable characters
customize characters even after they're created
World vs World
everything gives you xp
jumping puzzles
World events
Group events
Large guilds
You can be in multiple guilds
The Soundtrack

The bad:

For 100% map completion you need to get the world vs world map as well


As I bought this game all I thought was "oh cool a game by NC Soft this will probably just be a game like Aion." but no. They went with a completely different approach to this game, breaking grounds that other mmo developers fear to break. For one thing this game has a "Personal Story" which is made when you first make your character. At first I thought "oh the only thing that is going to change is who your partnered up with" but no. For instance I made a human peasant first and later made a human noble. They have completely different stories and I didn't realize this for a while.

The weapons system has never felt so good before. For instance when a elemantalist uses a scepter he uses it for attacking or healing purposes but if you put it in the hands of a Mesmer then that Mesmer takes up a supporting roll for the party providing random buffs to everyone. I've been playing this game for only a few months and I only feel as if I've scratched the surface.

The game also has a big emphasis on moving even if your a big heavy character like a defender but with a ranged character you have a bit more room to not move around as much. I'm not saying everyone should be ranged cause we still need those people up in front to hold them for the elementalists area of affect attacks.

Now let's get to another aspect of the game, dungeons. Now I don't know the logic here but the people over at arena net decided to throw the first dungeon at level thirty. They also decided to throw the hardest dungeon in the game here. I'm not complaining because it's a challenge but wouldn't you want to save your toughest dungeon for the people at max level? I don't know, I'm just saying that's not a very wise move.

Next we have another ground breaker, World vs World. Oh man the times I had in there were the most fun ever. This is when the people in three different servers actually merge and duke it out to see whose server is best. Now the problem with this is that my server is currently the lowest server in the game but we try our best to go out there and take the castles and supply camps. and when your castle gets taken over it just breaks your heart, but one of the cool things about world vs world is that everyone is bumped up to level eighty so that way everyone is on an even playing ground. but you don't get to use level 80 gear. Now Player vs Player on the other hand is different. I know what your going to say, "oh but isn't world vs world the same as Player vs Player?" No. No it is not and this is why. Player vs Player is more of a squad on squad game consisting of 8 people per team. when you go to Player vs Player you get bumped up to level eighty just like world vs world but instead you also get geared out so that way you could actually compete with the other players from your server. There's really not much to Player vs Player other than know your class and fighting style and try taking the points on the map.

Now we get to another ground breaker, map exploration. In most mmos the reward for finding a beautiful sight is usually... just that a beautiful sight and the game sends you on your way with nothing else. However in guild wars 2 the game rewards you with a beautiful sight some experience and a percentage to your world completion. In addition get this, if you get a friend whose level eighty and you do nothing but world completion, you'll be level eighty. The only problem with this though is the developers decided you need the World vs World maps as well. I've been so close to competing it but players from another sever is holding the only keep that I need to do it and its been driving me mad. "Oh come on can't I please get to that one spot." but no, so that gets really annoying really fast.

With that I say this is the perfect game so why don't you come on down to this game and play with us in the world of Tyria. Oh and if your thinking of playing world vs world could you please join the Ederon Terrace server. I'm not forcing you but I'm just saying we could use the help. I forgot to mention it is just a one time pay thing unlike world of warcraft where you pay for the game, then for a month to play the game, then for another month to play, then another, then another, then another, then another, then another. No you pay once and that's it no more paying constantly to play the game that you love to play. The final part of the story (without giving too much detail) is you, and one thousand other players there to just take down one dragon. and that one dragon is hard as crap and his battle style changes as you fight him.

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