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Guild Wars 2 Tips

Guild Wars 2 general dungeon tips
- If you just hit level 80, check the trade post and buy a rare level 80 set. It will help you with fulfilling the role you wish to play.

- Not every dungeon and monster should be killed using the same weapon. Make sure you have at least one of each weapon your class can use with you at all times. This way you can easily change to ranged if you were using melee weapons, play more defensive or perhaps use that heal your group needs.

- Similar to above, once you've obtained a dungeon set with the stats you wanted you could build a second set of armor so you can add that extra healing, toughness, vitality or perhaps damage when needed.

- Don't hesitate to ask for a strategy if you haven't done a dungeon before, there are usually helpfull people in your group that can explain what to do. It's better to ask for help than to get your group in trouble during a battle.

- Dodging attacks is important, if you are uncomfortable with the key you are using for it, change it. Dungeons often require you to dodge a fireball or some other deadly attack. Correct timing of a dodge can often save your life.

- If you know a certain class in your group has a spell you find usefull in the dungeon you're in, ask him/her to use it and explain why.

- When you have completed your dungeon set you can clear high level dungeons (Crucible of Eternity, Arah, Citadel of Flame and Honor of the Waves) and use your dungeon tokens to buy rare quality items of high level. Salvage these for easy ectoplasms, easy money.