Guardian Legend review
One of the best NES games

The good:

Excellent variety of gameplay. Lots of levels to explore. Great graphics & sound.

The bad:

Some slowdown issues when lots of objects on screen.


This game is a rather unique hybrid of Gauntlet-style maze exploring and overhead scrolling shooter done quite well. There's a lot of action as well as even a few good puzzles to solve, and the shooters have some variety-sometimes they go slow, other times you're flying super-fast. There are lots of weapons & items to find, and you can even build up your character RPG-style! There are lots of levels and each of them is rather large as well.
Like many other NES titles, the graphics do suffer from occasional slowdown when lots of objects are on the screen at the same time. Otherwise, unless you get frustrated easily by puzzles like in here, there's nothing to hate about this title...except it can be hard to find. If you somehow manage to stumble across a copy of this game, grab it and run. You'll get a lot (and I do mean a lot) of gameplay out of this classic.

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