Guardian Legend Cheats

Guardian Legend cheats, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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Gate Seal Solutions
Seal 1: Shoot the gate with the Pulse Laser Blaster.
Seal 2: Step on the four circuit panels around the gate.
Seal 3: Wait inside the room for 30 seconds.
Seal 4: Enter the Blue Lander's shop (located right outside of the room) four times.
Seal 5: Keep shooting the monitor that displays "Corridor" near the top.
Seal 6: Fire any special weapon.
Seal 7: Enter the room four times from the same warp panel.
Seal 8: Select "NO USE" and press the Special Weapon fire button.
Seal 9: Walk on top of the Gate.
Seal 10: Fire the Pulse Laser Blaster inside the room for 10 seconds.


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All Weapons, Keys, etc.
Input the following password...

hRyY eFGY b5hU 2pVV
iaKK l(lowercase L)mCV xwfp zWES
(Note: the lowercase letters here represent the lowercase letters with two dots over them on the game)

You'll start the game with maximum SC/CHIP/ATTACK/SHIELD, including all weapons and keys.
Area Passwords
Area 3: fl(lowercase L)LQ AVgP 3J6N 5UvO pNGL wADU xtEN 2hjJ
Area 6: AyxW eeh? ANG8 eCGi xMf? CgYA G4R! jm2e
Area 8: AE8s gBot 1f8R Kd2I Nm9T 8ETe aR4! KoZI
Area 9: 073z !lN4 dLaZ g1qK jfb0 Xpur Y5e7 bD?B

Note: Passwords follow the same formula as the previous one.
Game Text
Complete the first action sequence and enter the first labyrinth room. Hold Select + B to display all text in the game, starting with the introduction.
Play Second Quest
Enter the password TGL to play a Second Quest.
Sound Test
Hold down A + B then hit the RESET button on your NES.
special HARD mode
enter the password JJJJ JJJJ JJJJ JJJJ JJJJ JJJJ JJJJ JJJJ to play a special mode. if you done it right, after you input the last J, the password screen dissapears, & you will start In area 8; with a score in the 10,000's, all special weapons at level 2, & the special flash (ee) weapon at max (255). BUT, your health meter will be VERY low, & you won't have the key to leave the level, but you'll have the other keys. I forget if you have max attack & shield, but there is over 4 of each. I've NEVER beaten this mode, I don't even know what it's really called, I just know it's HARD due to your low health meter. oh yeah, you'll have unlimited chip. to anyone who reads this, & to guardian legend fans, good luck, yoi'll need it.
Start at Final Area With Max Abilities
Enter this password: jYSJ gMeI dACE dL!4 gXqZ jfiE vpH9 xDpC
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Right when you finish the first flying level (when you enter the 1st room of the labyrinth) hold Select and press B repeatedly.