Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 review
GTA Hits London

The good:

This game is set in London with a classic 60's theme. The game has tourist places of interest, including Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

The bad:

The graphics are not all that good, and some of the levels can be quite hard to accomplish, and the controlling of the car is a bit iffy.


You might remember some of the street names in the game and some of the sites, that's if London was designed by using a ruler. The AI of the cops is great which can be quite annoying at some times, with one shot one kill. Bikes are still in London and you get to tamper with a football team, there is also a truck with quite a big missile on it that you have to sabotage, you also have the oppotunitty to steal the crown jewls and for some strange reason the tanks in the game are a strange gold color, but, hey, this is london

Not as good as Grand Theft Auto, but still another GTA game to go with your collection.

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